The truth, that the whole world is waking up from a long galactic sleep. ∞ Romeo Baron

Spiritual Perspectives, Zeitgeist / Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

We know very well that this plandemic is the Negative Alien Agenda attempt to control the Truth Not some virus. The truth, that the whole world is waking up from a long galactic sleep. The Controllers know that if the they can keep our immune system comprised through fear, contaminated food, water, air and poisonous vaccines it alters our DNA coding, which lowers the collective vibrational rate, keeping us stuck in the artificial timeline of the false 3D control matrix. The real reason why the black sun human shells are so focused on depopulation is because the over seven billion people on this planet equates to Source energy which contributes to the transfiguration process into the higher reality field of “the new Earth.” The less source energy the less power. The less population the better they can control the embodied consciousness. The DNA source code each person holds is the program creating the Holographic Reality Field. The people of this Ascension System are co-creating the entire new Hologram-Planetary Body. The images we see of the planet is a Collective Body of Mind expression. We are the sensory organ for Planetary Ascension. The big secret is most of the population on this planet are Source embodied. Source Light and Love has won the game. We are just having to go through the process of exposing the dark completely. I’m happy to assist and do my part to maintain Love-Unity consciousness. Thank you ALL for being here as a conduit of Light Source Love. We got this!🙏💫💛🌈🌏
~Romeo Baron | @sacredromeo .

Source: Ascension Energies

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