The time has come for our inner lion to ROAR … ~ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Mugwort_Lion Darkness

“The darkness we SEE in others is only created by the fears one feels within, the fear of letting down our own walls, which in turn does not let us see through the walls of others. This is why so many people these days appear as dark as they DO, for there needs to be cracks or windows to let in the light. But most are afraid to peer into their own cracks or to open their own blinds, keeping themselves locked in the shadows of their own cave of fears, which only allows the shadow beast to grow within. We all carry a beast, yet most only suppress IT, which is why IT explodes when we are pushed into a corner. Yet most will still deny its existence and try to suppress IT, leaving them only like a deer caught in headlights when conflicts arise before them. Look how nature handles the inner beast, as a lion can be as gentle as an ordinary house cat, but when threatened can unleash the fury of the beast possessed within. The lion does not suppress its energy, and it does not waste it only to protect its image, which is how we should live. But instead we let the anger beast out to protect the ego, our image, which is just like protecting a ghost. Our image is only the myths and stories we tell of each other, yet most will create these myths by changing circumstances of past events to their favor, or by proclaiming the dreams of future events which have not been achieved. A lot of energy is wasted on protecting these false images, when our energy is meant to BE used to CREATE today in the present moment. Look closer at the world that surrounds you, for IT serves as a mirror of everything you possess inside your-self, the more you ignore in the outer, the more you ignore in your-self. The great mystery of life is not discovered by ‘speaking’ of that which we do not know of, the Great Mystery lies within SEEing and FEELing what we ignore, by shining a light on our own inner darkness, the world transforms around us like magic. The time has come for our inner lion to ROAR, to show our true self and let go of the hoax of the ego ghost, for the moment has arrived for the lion to sleep no more!” ~Alistar Valadez.


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