The Sun is a cold-fusion Electromagnetic Portal

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, December 19th, 2016

Cold-Fusion Magnetic Sun

The sun is an electromagnetic device. The light is invisible unless there is matter to create an interference pattern.

Dark Space as Quantum Background Processing

Space is not empty. The darkness of space is the “0”‘s of the 1’s and 0’s of the polar holographic interdimensional containment system that is this simulatrix of the universe.

This is what we saw and this is what makes sense after the evidence is organized in respect to electrical engineering and electromagnetism.

The energy of the sun is converted and the reaction of heat and light energy is apparent in the atmosphere.

The Universe a Consciousness Projection System

The universe is not governed by entropy, that is illusion. The original energy that is what is converted may be closer to pure consciousness than heat and as a result of the mass consciousness of humanity being told that the universe is defined by death and entropy then there are seemingly signs and effects to follow.

If the mass consciousness of people is focused on the universe being a consciousness projection system then everything follows from there. The sun is the magnifier that will perceive and focus the inner frequencies of emotional-mental language and then feed that back through the interdimensional conversion process.

Cosmic Bio-Feedback

This system is essentially one large cosmic bio-feedback resonance system turned into an entrainment system and the controllers of the mind of those on the surface are choosing which level or channel of the game is being played or fed back.

People always have the choice. The game is perfect as there is no chance of deviating from what frequencies the people hold within.

Clones Influencing Mass Perception

There are pseudo players on the surface and these are clones designed to reinforce the false appearance of the mind control.

Shift of the Ages

If the smaller percentage of original players change the frequency then a new channel or game level will bio-feedback through the sun and this is the so-called “shift of the ages” that occurs in tandem every so often.
The difference with this shift is that this game has actually been played on repeat through cloning and manipulation for eons.

If this shift occurs the old game may never return the same and the players will be free to choose their own adventure.



The Sun is a cold-fusion Electromagnetic Portal

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