The Story of Light and Dark

Ascension / Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

God is whatever I want It to be.

Actually god is whatever I feel it to be.

What a startling thing to say!

But, I ask myself, what about Saturn?  Pluto?  How did they get there?  I didn’t consciously want them to be there.

The answer is mass consciousness.

The difference between mass consciousness and individuated consciousness accounts for the things in our environmental experience that we may not necessarily want for ourselves.

God is the substance of space.

God is the adamantine particles (Jesus Speaks, by Glenda Green).

The adamantine particles respond to love.  Adamantine particles sense love as attention and intention and intensity.  Whatever I spend my time thinking about and/or put my feelings into is what they create for me to experience.

There are two different levels of consciousness.  The Soul consciousness is the mass consciousness of Earth.  The Soul consciousness is thinking, personality, ego and mind.  The body consciousness is the consciousness of the Atom (The Consciousness of the Atom, by Alice Bailey.  The body consciousness is Spirit (also called prana or chi).

The soul consciousness is responsible for mass consciousness.  Earth has absorbed all the souls of all the Earth-bound beings for all the eons of time that Earth has existed.  Earth volunteered to do this for us to help with our ascension process.

Earth and all its inhabitants were pristine.  Earth volunteered and we volunteered to experience the ascension process.  The Souls came from the “Big Bang” or creation of the Universe. When god created the universe, the big bang of light, there was an equal and opposite reaction as is the law of physics.  An equal amount of dark light was also created.  The dark light is not evil as we decided it was in the Garden of Eden.  The dark light is just another form of light.  That is where the “dark” souls came from.  (Lucifer brought in and held the dark light – a great, magnificent and truly difficult task, entrusted to the greatest of Arch Angels.)  All of creation is from one Source, one God, one creation.

Lucifer brought the Souls because we volunteered to help turn light (dark light) into matter (coalesced spirit).  Having a spirit body is easy.  It is who we are naturally.  Having a light body is a little more difficult.  A light body requires identification with Spirit.  Becoming a physically ascended Being is the most difficult of all.  The physical ascension process requires transmuting all light into one light.  Personally I believe this particular process has never been done.  We are a unique and one-of-a-kind experiment.

In our natural state, prior to the Earth experiment, we existed as Spirit – all one with Source.  Coalesced spirit IS physical matter.  Physical form is made of Spirit.  The dark was absorbed by the light to balance everything.  The dark soul was absorbed by the light body in order to become one spirit.

Past human experiments to bring the light and dark together have been failures.

We kept identifying the dark as evil and avoiding it, and identifying the light as good and going towards it (without the dark) resulting in separation.  Both the light and the dark are forms of light.  Both light and dark are conscious.  All is spirit.  Both light and dark developed mind, ego, personality, memory and aspects of consciousness because spirit is conscious.  The dark kept returning to earth, descending, recycling, but held here because we agreed to this experiment, and because Lucifer held it here.  The light kept separating, floating off back to invisible spirit because it did not want to coalesce around “darkness.”  (Our physical matter disintegrates back to Source, and our Soul hangs around Earth.)

We are here to bring light and dark together into oneness by understanding that dark is also a form of light.  Dark is a result of the big band of Source creation also.  Light is not better than dark – it is the same thing.  All colors of the rainbow are the rainbow.  All light is still light.  Darkness is not the absence of light.  Dark is the absence of consciousness.  All spirit is conscious.  We are all God’s children – dark and light both equally.

The body is already holy.  It is coalesced spirit.  The dark soul must be accepted, transmuted, incorporated (in-corporate – brought into physical form) into the body to blend the two into oneness.  When Source exploded into the big bang, sacrificing Itself and giving all, there was equal light and dark created.  [The adamantine particles remained the smallest particle of Source.]  Both light and dark are seeking the way Home back to Source, back to oneness.  But with a twist this time – remembering who we are and maintaining the connection of oneness – maintaining humanity.  Human – equal blending of light and dark, fully spirit.

Every time we separate dark and light we cause another big bang explosion.  This huge ascension process that we are in now is the union of all the dark and light of all the explosions of all the previous experiments that failed.

This time we succeed.  Our dark brethren will not be stripped from us again.  Our light sisters will not float off into separation.  Love will keep us together.

The adamantine particles hold physical matter together in response to the love vibration that is extended from the atoms.  We hold together because we love each other.  The adamantine particles create physical matter for us to observe in response to the love we feel.  However, the image of God remains God’s domain only.  The actual creation or coalescing into physical in a particular pattern remains the domain of God alone.  The exact picture or form the adamantine particles take is God’s domain.  We remember, establish, feel, express, inhabit the vibration of our desire, our choice and the adamantine particles create a physical manifestation of that vibration.

This is why we must trust the process, because the adamantine particles are bringing the physical manifestation into visibility from the image of God.  We cannot do this part.  God does this part.  We can only manipulate matter after it is formed.  We cannot actually form the matter.  The consciousness of the adamantine particle is God consciousness and is beyond the reach of our more gross consciousness.  We are a collection of many particles – mass consciousness on a small scale, but mass consciousness nonetheless.

The adamantine particles create what we feel.  Not what we see or say or imagine, but what we feel with intensity.  God talk is body talk.  God talk is spirit.  Spirit is adamantine particles in vibration.  Match the vibration of spirit and thus match the consciousness of God.  And thus create whatever you desire.  Whatever you love will be created for you.  Be what you want to experience and the experience will be created for you.

The body is the Holy One.  It is ordained.  It is visible.  It is coalesced spirit.  The soul is the dark one.  It is here to integrate.  It is here to become visible.  It is here to become coalesced spirit.

We cannot fully integrate the light until we fully integrate the dark light as well.  Ascension is the collection of all the vibrations.  Dark light can be very high vibration as well.  It is the mirror of white light.

4 March 2009 – Diana L Hay



Cherokee Wolf

The Adamantine Particles

“The Consciousness of the Atom” by Alice A. Bailey 

“The Urantia Book” The Lucifer Rebellion 



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