The Return of Heyokah, Master

Spiritual Perspectives / Friday, December 25th, 2015

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I am not alone with Knowledge – Wisdom is forged in the crucibles of fire turned stone.

“The strongest of the strong are here now.”                     ~ Little Grandmother

We, the first people are awake and aware. There are things we know without ever uttering a sound, silence is our home. Our antenna, the trees, our voice the wind, we walk barefoot in forests and soar high to the sky.

We see the dark stains on our beautiful jewel, arrogance born of ignorance rises as a putrid air, how it wafts through words of clever crafters who know not the fox in her den, guarding her cubs, alert to the scent.

We are here, we are awake and we are aware. Our grief is the birth of rivers of tears, our ancestors liberated, we are everywhere. And nowhere, evaporating like mist before your blinded eyes.

Words spill out in honor of One who played a role; the fool, the trickster, the honer of souls. How you danced Heyokah, around campfires brightly lit, flashing between worlds black and light. Some you scare, some you delight … beware, the Heyokah, a man taller than his shadow, a parter of worlds, the bringer of the Thunderbird, pure power is here.

This is the Sacred Life … the one lived in the fullness of deep running waters of reverence.

And now you defilers, you betrayers, you thieves. We see. Covered in dark cloaks of arrogance, titled and proffered on thrones bejeweled, keepers of empty tomes of useless rhetoric. Arrogance the kin of ignorance, prancing in a decaying landscape dimly lit.

Who is this you thrust into our lives? What devil do you call divine? A dark missive from your twisted mind. Your creation an abomination, your laughter has died. Feverishly working to keep this lie alive. False beliefs foisted on innocent souls, lives are harnessed to your own demise. You prey on innocence, stalking those who love and laugh and sing. This joy you feel as your enemy.

We the people have spoken our Law, it is the whole of the Law and it is Love.

No satanic force, no crooked staff can match Our fierceness as we move. Our Love is Joy, Our sword is Truth – forged in eternal Cosmic flames. Grace and Mercy you bare as pain.

There is no time for less than this ruthlessness, for wherever Satan hides we see and shall forever more eternally.

Heyokah, feet dancing in rhythms with our Earth, we join, our backs are straight, our sight is clear, our lessons learned. Listen hear the sound of beating drums as courageous hearts are now one.

Love Unbound, fierce and free…





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