The Pleiadians ~ The next phase in Global Ascension: the Summer Solstice; everything through the Heart ♥ ~ As received by Méline Lafont

Ascension, Galactics / Wednesday, June 19th, 2013


Our most dear brothers and sisters, our family and most important our beloved relatives. Today we wish to convey a special message about the upcoming summer solstice which is nearing as seen from your linear timeframe. We would like to elaborate on this topic with all of you, from heart to heart.

The most enlightening energies are making their way in your reality and are at present amply to be found in your consciousness and in your heart. Those energies are present just to see to it that all that lingers on the path of Ascension will duly be able to fulfill, to experience and to Be this process. Those most appropriate energies come to a head-on collision with your current incarnation, possibly leading up to an enormous shock or confrontation with this reality.

Everything will become more visible for all of you and you will recognize your own patterns and your creations more easily than ever before. This is as it should be, dear ones, for firstly you have to become aware of all that you are forming, being and creating. As soon as these new energetic impulses have been integrated in your Being, there will be a lot released in your consciousness that you yourself are the ones that put the process of Transformation and Ascension into motion on your own hook and you execute it. The current energies are there to assist you with this and to help activate the most deep and important matters so that you can continue enlarging your consciousness and growth.

The heavy energies of the month of May now bring redemption for many issues but simultaneously they also bring a lot of movement. That movement can make their way, either smoothly or not so smoothly, through the fixed structures of the previous duality. This depends on how strong something is retained in structure and that in turn depends on thought patterns and on the way of Being.

The energies of the summer solstice will play an important part in all of this. It will contribute to releasing fixed structures and rigid thought patterns, it will challenge you in releasing these and it will trigger you and even bring insights of what you actually already know but what you still learn to cope with and try to understand fully.

We ask you to not want to understand these energies for that would be a mental reasoning which pertains to the brain and the brain is definitely not capable of integrating nor accepting it in its true essence. Only the heart can know and feel this, only the heart is as of today your stearing-wheel and your center in your new world of Being.

This summer solstice will once again bring a lot in its wake just like every other eclipse and solstice does. However, this time it will gain in strength and also in the perception of it. You were able to integrate so much in your Being up until this moment that humanity is ready to move on to an even deeper level of your Christ consciousness. You are being prepared to continue with your journey and to make deeper connections with your Self as an essence but also with our galactic fleet and civilizations. Everything forms itself into an entirety which comes to life and also becomes factual in your consciousness.

It all boils down to this during the upcoming summer solstice and a lot of hard work will go into it as we feel that the time is ripe to take the next step in the disclosure project, trying to establish clearer contacts one way or the other. Do not put expectations on how we will proceed, dear ones, for we establish connections in the most subtle of ways and this differs from soul to soul. Depending on the consciousness and the openness to our energies, it will be on a conscious level or an unconscious level, but nevertheless we will leave more marks behind to clarify the fact that we have established a connection with you.

For quite some time now we linger in your atmosphere and in your space, a fact that will soon enough become more obvious. We sense that a huge progress has been made in the heart and in the consciousness of humanity in general, a fact that all of you have played an important part in, for which we are so grateful! We find ourselves now on a certain altitude where everything that applies will soon reach your reality through your hearts. That’s the reason why this summer solstice portal is a very important one in your consciousness so that you can be brought into your inner world and from that inner world and knowledge you can apply a lot more.

Enjoy this beautiful portal for you will feel a lot in your heart these days going from a glowing warmth of Love, to passionate feelings for All That Is and even some minor shocks in your heart could apply as a result of this solstice. Whatever the case may be, expect a shift in your heart and do not worry too much for what you might feel. The Archangels are always at your disposal as are the Arcturians and so are we, to bring you healing energies when the level of discomfort is rather high.

With all our Love and friendship, we greet you. We are your family, the Pleiadians.

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