The origin of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

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by Salah Gherbi

In the universal Consciousness, there are some frequencies resonating with its structure itself. As there is a certain structure in which Energy is flowing, those frequencies are already predefined so that the structure remains stable. One could wonder whether anything has been the fruit of hazard. It could be an endless topic, philosophically speaking, but it should be noted that there is assuredly the evidence of a Supreme state of Consciousness through the Harmonious Architecture of the sky. The motion of the planets, stars and other celestial bodies are like a great orchestra played. Although sound is heard under a range of frequencies, audible for human being, the foundation of the Universal Consciousness is Sound, and expresses itself through its structure and perpetual presence. Other forms of energy such as light, color, etc are obviously present and seen, but are only another expression of sound.

Then, another question arises. If there are some frequencies aligned with its structure, are there some frequencies not resonating with ? The answer is obviously yes. You can see it through water, as a living and conscious storage of information, such as crystals. Beautiful crystal waters showing geometric pattern structured are formed when the vibration is said to be positive in its environment. A positive word written on a paper, a positive word spoken or even a positive thought will emit a certain frequency. In the image of Music, a positive vibration would be actually the right frequency (keynote) played on the piano keyboard. The decisive factor for the energy flow in resonance is how it will be interpreted once the vibration emitted, and this factor is Sound Frequency. That is a vast language that the Dolphins and whales already mastered. The energy flow in resonance depends on the sound frequency emitted.

Consequently, it is very important to consider the environment of sound around oneself, as it has an impact on one’s Consciousness.

These healing frequencies can be understood through the structure of space-time, especially through the numbers 37 and 137 (cf. Article the fractal dimension of space-time). As we will see, the relation between 37 and 137 is decisive to generate these frequencies. If we take a third of 111, it obtains 37. Now from that number, its digit is 1 (3+7 = 10, and 1+0 = 1). Added to it 37 again, 74, its digit is 2. Added to it 37 again, 111, its digit is 3, and so on. We carry on until the digit comes back to 1 making a complete tour of a clock built on a nonagon design.

 The clock built on a nonagon design based on the number 37


The first complete tour is the following sequence :

37 74 111 148 185 222 259 296 333 370

The 2nd one :

370 407 444 481 518 555 592 629 666 703

The last and third one :

703 740 777 814 851 888 925 962 999 1036

The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies are finally found when we add 100 to the first sequence. For the first sequence, it gives naturally the relation between 37 and 137 as 137 is the addition of 100 and 37. Its digit is 2. For the other sequences, we need to conserve their digit on the clock. Then we add only 10 for the second sequence, and only 1 for the last sequence.

The Ancient Solfeggio frequencies generated


All these numbers should be healing frequencies. The structure is the nonagon and begins with the number 37. Connecting to the number 137, the Solfeggio Frequencies are generated. There are other numbers, and are eventually other frequencies to experience through water for confirmation.

The Solfeggio Frequencies begins with 63 which is actually the difference between 100 and 37, but also the sum of the 26th  dimension space-time and the 37th. It could be sum up through this diagram showing the permutation of 0, 3 and 6, and adding to it 111 three times.

The Ancient Solfeggio frequencies generated 


 Why 111 ? 111 is the number related to the triangle and the maximal temporal spatial dimension of space-time. Beyond, there is a certain iteration describing the fractal nature of the Universe. The structure of space-time can be always reduced to a number of triangles counted. That’s also the minimum of arrangement of points to form the first geometric pattern which is the triangle. That’s also why the flower of life is a grid made of triangles interconnected. Each triangle is the mirror of the others connected through the gate 111 in a fractal way. The triangle (111) opens the door to a fractal quantum world, with the golden ratio 1.618 and 10. The numbers 3, 6 and 9 would work together to define the foundations of the structure of space-time.

The fractal quantum world



As you can see in the figure below (click to enlarge). The number 37 appears clearly in the flower of life, as being the total number of points inside the third concentric circle. It would be actually the fourth layer if we consider the center of the circles as being the first layer (1). The total number of points inside the hexagon and its circumscribed circle has been counted and listed together. The Ankh of Ancient Egypt or the tree of life would have been built through the 10 blue spheres as arranged in the figure below.

The number 37 found in the flower of life


The numbers 3, 6 and 9 (as digit of the numbers found) appear, and the number 711 is repetitive so that we pay attention to it. This number could be reduced to 72. The number 72 is the number having all the information about the total angles of the following regular solids : the tetrahedron, the cube, the octahedron, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron, and then the structure of space-time. The first regular solid is the tetrahedron having a total angle of 720° (72 x 10).  Then, the octahedron 1440° (72 x 20), the cube 2160° (72 x 30), the icosahedron 3600° (72 x 40) and finally the dodecahedron 6480° (72 x 90).

The regular Solids


Of course, the total angle 4320° (72 x 60) can be calculated and represents in geometry an octagrammic prism by combining two cubes, or the cube 2-compound. This geometric pattern shows the intrinsic nature of the structure of space time as being dynamic through spin effect (rotation).

© Salah

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  1. Knowledge without action (conduct) is of no consequence and action (conduct) without knowledge is of no consequence. A lame man can see the fire (has knowledge) but he cannot escape from it (thus his knowledge is ineffective.) On the other hand, a blind man (not knowing in which direction he is running) tries to run away from the fire (takes action) but (without knowledge) he may not be able to escape the fire.

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