… the only barrier for most is fear ∞ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, April 26th, 2020

…”There are many of us who like to maintain a pure path into spirituality with the use of methods, lessons, and disciplines; and yet there are others who use sacred plant medicines to create a connection with the divine nature of the universe. Which path is true and correct? Which path leads us to our own inner truth? Many will judge others and proclaim their path as the only way in, but the point is to find your path that leads to great change from within. What many of the purist do not understand is that meditation creates chemicals in our brain, just like the chemicals in sacred plant medicines, which is what alters our mind and state of consciousness. Everyday we all artificially change ourselves just by eating, as we are made of and fueled by these chemicals we consume, what we call emotions and passions are generated by chemical reactions created from both within the body and from the outer. If sacred plant medicines such as DMT and Ayahuasca were not made for us to experience, it wouldn’t be so richly abundant in grass and plants, and ‘used’ to connect with the transcendental dimensions for over 2000 years, since the time of ancient religions to today’s shamans in the jungles of Peru. Also every night as we are in deep REM sleep, it is believed by many doctors and scientists that our body produces DMT, and opens the portal to the dream realm. Think about it, our dreams are hallucinations! Just like with everything in this Universe, it all has a purpose, but the only barrier for most is fear, for once the ego dissolves, the true Self does appear!” ~Alistar Valadez
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