The Next Step – Message from the High Council

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

council of light


We are pleased that you are seeking our guidance during this time of acclimation and sublimation. We understand your interest and willingness to participate in your transformation. We assure you all is well and your recovery from the recent inflow of energy is complete.

Instructions will be given. Your patience is appreciated as is your diligence in this matter. We have come to the aid of many in the past century and this aid is increasing as ever more serious matters are coming into play. The world wars of the past have nothing in comparison with the strife that mankind can and will embark upon if driven to the brink of insanity and insanity is what many experience who resist the changes and charges entering the human energy field at this time.

All hope is not lost, never is it lost when there is heart in the human soul. Dissension and abrasiveness continues to plague many nations in politics, in society and in all things social in nature. This is part of the plan, of the game that we are playing toward the betterment of mankind. The dice will roll, the moves will be made and the ultimate choices are left to each individual as to what they will do with what they are given.

This, too, is your plight or may we say plot as this is much better a word to describe the actions with which you will move this body of yours and assist others along their own paths. Serious you may be but seriousness does nothing but bitter make you especially when the unforeseen sideswipes you from your path, seeming to detour you into other unknown realms. Be it known that it is wise to take precautions but it is not incumbent for you. It is much better and so it is advised that you follow the moment, follow your heart and allow your soul to guide you, trusting the way ahead is the one you are meant to travel.

Many questions you have asked, will ask and will continue to ask. The tendency to use the mind to analyze and take apart this thing or that will only lead you into stagnant waters. The new paradigm awaits you. The new path is through the heart, not the mind. It is through the heart that you will find your answers. They are without words but alive with feeling. These, these are the truth you seek. Nothing else will satiate your thirst. Be advised of this when next you find your mind filled with questions that culminate in more questions that culminate in circular answers. Science and thorough analysis can only take mankind so far.

This is the next step for you. Trust your heart. Learn to break the habits of the mind. This is uncharted territory for you and you will fumble as you fall victim to the traps of the mind. It is okay. With persistence you will succeed to assist others in similar endeavors.

The next uninitiated communication you will receive from us will come during the passing by Earth of a great meteor shower. Until then, we ask that you be patient and remain centered in your heart. Your mind, your Ego, does not like idleness. You must continue to teach it how to be silent.



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