The Meaning of Life Discovered Through the Lens of Duality

Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, December 9th, 2017


 Rhett Smith – It’s happening; are you feeling this? The abundance of new harmonics and frequencies that are now changing us on a cellular level, are bringing up things for us each to lovingly clear, while simultaneously enabling us to grow in consciousness. It’s important to connect with the highest version of ourselves to receive this final activation.

It seems more abundantly clear than ever that the Meaning “of” Life is about finding the Meaning “in” Life. This moment in humanity’s evolution is such an incredible opportunity to celebrate what’s sacred and discard the other things that we’ve been artificially programmed to prioritize – the things that have kept us in separation, locked in a litany of ego eccentric pursuits.

The things that give our lives true meaning and significance always seems to revolve
around one central element. Analytically, all logical paths circle back to sacred LOVE. A pure singular LOVE that we are not used to seeing stare back at us. This endless Love generates from our hearts and emanates out to others without expectation. Never concerned for self.

Stand confident that these are the last moments of this “grand duality experiment.”

It’s Sad to imagine that we’ve been tricked into thinking that we are powerless when we are actually ‘infinite possibility.’ We have long been conditioned to believe that we must negotiate endless dogma to experience our true essence. There seems to be more than a mounting consensus that we have always been directly connected to a “Divine Source” and it’s more than probable that this “Divine Source” is “LOVE.”

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If we each are an expression of Divine Source then it would be reasonable that our multiple lifetimes have allowed Source to completely explore duality for a grand purpose. And for that “free will” experiment everything here had to be perfectly designed. If that’s true, then returning to Love must be the purpose of living and the trigger our soul requires to embrace our true essence.

For anyone that might be experiencing an expanding level of heart consciousness this is an opportunity to objectively observe, appreciate and celebrate the most intricate moments of Humanity’s Spiritual interconnectivity before we begin our rapid ascension to other dimensional consciousness.

All aspects of duality and polarity are crashing together like cement blocks causing their own self-destruction and through the dust of the rubble Love remains.

Everything of Love is being revealed, be sure to take time to acknowledge and thank these healing energies.

This spectacular moment in our history is also an homage to Humanity’s resilience and importance. Humanity will soon recognize the multitude of benevolent qualities that make us unique. Such honorable qualities as empathy, generosity, creativity, persistence, courtesy, and respect are what will allow us to become galactic humans. After all, we are each just genetic particles of conscious space dust (fun fact).

We are each a profound expression of Source, joyfully reuniting as our epic journey through “free will” is drawing to completion. This is the moment that has long been prophesized.

Anyone that deeply ponders the “meaning of life” will eventually conclude that life is… concentric to Love. Love is the Source aspect in all of us. Love is everything. And the most robust way to experience Love is to mindfully “be” Love in each eternal moment of “Now.”

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This is the ideal time to transform our third and forth dimensional existence as this dawn slowly reveals the new frontier that is emerging.

We may have emotional attachments that prevent our complete understanding of the “power” in this moment. Like the tear-filled eyes of a child observing the dismantling of the big-top circus tent, it’s time to reluctantly say goodbye to the “Big Show of Duality” and reunite with the cast of Unity Consciousness and Love.

And for those souls that are here to bear witness to this triumphant conclusion, you are being rewarded with premium front row seats. The reminder is to stay heart-centered in Love no matter how things may appear to be playing out.

It’s easy to imagine how humanity has reached a pivotal plot point on an artificially neurotic and chaotic timeline. Understand that we’ve now been given a spectacular opportunity to create a sacred sovereign timeline which holds Love as its highest resonating vibration. Love is the portal that reconnects us with Source, our soul families, our true human history and our star family.

As humanity faces full disclosure some could be on the receiving end of numerous jarring and surprising revelations. This is unavoidable if we are to arrive at the singular truth of ourselves and “Humanity.” The kindest of souls will continue to lovingly empathize and support the ones that struggle the most with this unpleasant reveal.

The most gentle and challenging approach to this new path of discovery will be contingent upon holding ourselves and others in pure Source Love.

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Move forward with the confidence and courage that got you here; and find solace in the fact the love surrounds you. As you are tuning into the new harmonic frequencies and feeling the changes your body experiences as it goes through ascension…Open your heart and love your way through the greatest celebration mankind has ever seen.

YOU are LOVE, BE LOVE – That is the meaning of LIFE!

LOVE all Things,

These are the thoughts of one explorer that’s walking the earth


The Meaning of Life Discovered Through the Lens of Duality

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