The Mayan Peace Talks: The 5 Gardens of Eden on Earth

Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Mayan Calendar in Space


By Xchelita (“Little Rainbow”) a.k.a. Michelle Recchia

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Sacred Points of Emergence

In the past, there have been several catastrophes that have almost completely wiped out life on our planet. Earth has a very long and complex history. Most ancient cultures have recorded these disasters in their stories, artwork, music, and dance.

According to Mayan history, as told by the Mayan timekeepers and shamans, and recorded in books such as the Polpol Vuh and the Chilam Balam, there have been 4 previous forms of our Earth, the Sun, and humanity. We are presently shifting from the 5th world, into the 6th.

Although some may call this the alpha and omega cycle, we have actually not come back to the same place, as we have moved forwards in time and space. So we travel along a spiral pathway, which only appears as circular when drawn in 2D. As we know a 2D pyramid has 3 points, where as a 3D pyramid may have 4 or 5 points, depending on whether it has a 3-sided or 4-sided base.

This sacred geometry is an important aspect of the story! It shows our evolution, and the evolution, or different stages, of our earth and sun. It illustrates the evolution of consciousness and perception. This evolution is also written in our DNA, where the spiral form of sacred geometry is also seen.

You can also see this sacred geometry in the human body. We have five fingers and toes, representing the five senses that we have developed. With each previous world, or stage of development, we developed a sense. We are presently working on our 6th sense, or third eye. When humanity has mastered this 6th sense, then we should see that reflected in the human body as well, and perhaps humans will then have 6 fingers and toes.

When we are developing a new sense, it is called the shift of the ages. It is not only ourselves that change, but also the sun and the earth evolve, as the solar system moves into a new place in space-time, and into new energies. This is a normal procession, as our sun travels around the central sun in the centre of the Milky Way.

The shift of the ages can be smooth and harmonic, or can be destructive and chaotic, depending on the energies present, and the collective consciousness. Humanity can effect this change somewhat; we can make it easy or hard for ourselves, depending on our level of acceptance or resistance.

The last shift of the ages came with great destruction. There were conflicts between various human groups, and this amplified the catastrophes and destruction. Islands sank into the depths of the ocean, while others rose up. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and confusion shook the planet.

It was dangerous to stay on the surface of the earth, as the earth herself was going through many changes. Some groups chose to take shelter in “boats”, or “arks”. Others chose to take shelter inside the earth, and in caves.

Now retreating inside the earth had it’s own dangers. There were many beings that lived inside the earth. Some were friendly towards humans, and some despised humans and wished for our destruction. Luckily the Ant People took pity on the humans, and the plight they were in, and so chose to help them. The Ant People taught the humans how to survive underground, and kept them safe until they could return to the surface. (Some Native Americans also share this story, including the Hopi Indians.)

After some time, it was decided that it was safe to return to the surface. Humanity emerged from the underground through deep holes or caves, and these points of emergence, or doorways, were considered extremely sacred.


When humanity emerged, the surface of earth had changed! There were now 5 continents, 5 Gardens of Eden, 5 races of people, and humanity now had 5 senses. Our body changed too, and we now had 5 fingers and toes to represent the 5 senses that we had obtained, and these 5 seeds of humanity.

Each race had all the senses, but were the masters of only one sense. In this way, if we wanted to develop a certain sense in greater depth, we could visit the race of humans that were the masters of that particular sense, and learn from them. For this reason, human migration and trading was of utmost importance.

Together these 5 Gardens of Eden, 5 continents, and 5 races of humans, made up the Original People. The Original People were often just called the people, so as to differentiate them from other life forms, such as those who live beneath the earth.

The Mayans called the underworld Xibalba (called Shambala by the Tibetans). There are emergence points in South and North America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Antarctica.

There were also a few humans that survived on the surface, and there was an overlap, or transition period, where humans from the 4th and 5th worlds coexisted. Eventually humans from the 4th world died out, or were integrated.

Each time the earth has gone through changes, there have been “arks”, or places that are safe from destruction. This is where the seeds of life are kept, in order to plant and repopulate the world again. It is a continuous cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


When we plant corn, we don’t normally plant only one stalk of corn! Usually when we plant, we will put many seeds in the ground. All of these seeds would be considered the first crop. Perhaps we may plant different kinds of corn to see which survives the best, or plant different kinds of corn in different environments. You could also choose different types of corn based on when they will mature, so you have different harvests at different times of the year.


Why would it be any different with humans?

Why do we have to argue over the “true” Garden of Eden, when there may have been various ones at various times?

Why do we argue over who were the “First People”, or “Original People”, when the various seeds of humanity were planted both simultaneously, and staggered in time?

If humanity is constantly changing and evolving, and each individual is unique, then each of us is a “first” in the universe!

Perhaps we need to stop arguing over who was “first”, or who was more important. Each of us counts, and every grain of sand is important, as every drop of water in the ocean is sacred!

The Mayan legends brought me great inner peace, and deep understanding! I hope it will bring some of you peace as well. This is article is the first of a series I am calling “The Mayan Peace Talks”.

May all beings be happy and peaceful!


About the author:

Michelle RecchiaMichelle Recchia is a biologist from Canada, with an interest in natural medicine and sustainability. She spent 12 years studying and living with the Mayans in south eastern Mexico and Guatemala. During this time, she became involved with the mysteries of the ancient pyramids, and megalithic sites around the world.

After seeing her first pyramid in 1993, she began studying anthropology, archaeology, and comparative theology. She now has more than 20 years experience in the field.

The Mayans affectionately called Michelle, Xchelita, which means Little Rainbow. She was eventually given the title of spokesperson and storyteller, a unanimous decision, by several tribes in Chiapas and Yucatan. This decision surprised her, as she had not requested this title. After much insistence, Michelle agreed, and has felt both honoured and burdened by the responsibility.

Michelle is now sharing the ancient stories and teachings, as requested by the Mayan elders and shamans. These stories include humanity’s true history, and speak of an ancient advanced global civilisation that we once shared, and will share again. You can connect with Michelle on her Facebook page.



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