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Light is a form of transition from three-dimensional space, the aether, to the space with four dimensions. All forms of energy originate as light. We’re beginning to understand what nature has been hiding beneath her mystic veil of non-observability. The zero-point field is a blinding light. containing all the energy potential available to the Universe.

Since it is everywhere, inside and outside of us, permeating every atom in our bodies, we are effectively blind to virtual photon flux. It blinds us by its presence with the illusion of void.

The world of light that we do see is all the rest of the light that is over and above the zero-point field.  We cannot eliminate the zero-point field from our eyes. The vacuum remains the simplest state of nature. Life takes refuge in a single space – absolute space – the luminous core of meaning itself. The inherent meaning of life is in our alliance with the changing patterns of eternity.

Jung’s Way

The Philosopher’s Stone equates with Jung’s notion of the mandala as a unifying symbol and the elusive Unified Field of physics. A whole thing will be spaceless and timeless by logical necessity alone. Everything is related through empty space; everything exists in a single continuous field, a unifying matrix. We can only comprehend our essential nature by starting with zero, the groundstate. Such a journey is a modern version of the descent and return to the invisible underworld. Through such processes we touch our wholeness.

Through understanding we transmute matter. One of Jung’s central psychological processes involves an alchemy-like mixing of the material and the numinous, the visible and invisible, the “irrigation of the conscious mind by the unconscious.” The virtual vacuum, the “zero with a thousand faces,” is a manifold of imagery and symbolism. He calls this interactive process individuation, the experiential Grail of Jungian psychotherapy.

This approach is neither archetypal nor complex-oriented. Rather than limiting exploration piecemeal to a few select archetypes or specific complexes, it approaches the individual as a whole, not as a collection of fragmented parts. The similarity of archetypes (pervasive patterns which repeat in nature and the psyche) may be a function of genetic structure. 

Genetics provides a sense of universality amongst all humankind of senses and experiences of structure. We now recognize DNA as the projector of our biohologram. Jung proposed a psychoid nature, (beyond and independent of human experiences), for archetypes. In the deepest sense, these archetypal energies are trans-human, transpersonal.

There is that deeper structure of forms that arises spontaneously from chaos. The limitations of our perceptions and senses, based on genetics, conditions what “archetypes” we tend to perceive and live out. Therefore, an archetype may be a function of genetic commonality. Our perceptions create archetypes by adding words and concepts.

There may be an infinite number of archetypes in the universe, but a select number are most influential in the lives of humanity. These are what get encoded into our being as most relevant. In some cases they are direct representations of archetypal energy patterns. The organism has rudimentary experience at the sensory level, but no cognitive-emotive existence. It seeks the archetypal energy forms rising from its chaotic origin, and selects the ones which most accurately match its experience so far. Because nature always reflects the archetype of death/rebirth, the psychological response to a profound experience in nature may be one of rebirth.

Dealing with the unknown should be rooted in the best scientific knowledge of one’s era. Psychic phenomena can reveal the depths of reality, the meaning of existence. Archetypal images enfold multiple meanings, modes, potentials, dimensions. Beyond the realm of personified archetypes and stereotypical mythic beings is a non-dialogical, purely existential experience of raw energy transforms. In terms of physics, a complex conjugate wave travels back through time, meeting the original wave, modulating it in the process–transforming the present through a transaction. 

Every observation — including those of consciously observing self –sends out a wave toward both future and past.  Both the beginning of the wave and end appear to begin in our mind — our mind in the future and our mind in the present.  This bears on the emergence of creativity and intuition. Fred Alan Wolf says that, “the past, present, and future exist side-by-side.  If we were totally able to ‘marry’ corresponding time each and every moment of our time-bound existences, there would indeed be no sense of time and we would all realize the timeless state, which is taken to be our true or base state of reality by many spiritual practices.”

The Jungian symbol is distinguished precisely by its sublime imprecision, its vagueness of outline. Lack of clear definition imbues it with the mystery essential to the numinous. Jung wrote, “Considered from the standpoint of realism, the symbol is not of course an external truth, but it is psychologically true, for it was and is the bridge to all that is best in humanity.” The universe is the ultimate symbol and archetype of Being. When we look within, we find a vast realm available to our intuition. In that profound darkness there is a primordial Light, and we are that.

Collaborating with Jung, physicist Wolfgang Pauli encouraged us to find “a neutral, or unitarian language in which every concept we use is applicable as well to the unconscious as to matter, in order to overcome this wrong view that the unconscious psyche and matter are two things.” Psyche and soma are indissolubly wed in nature and our nature, and must be considered in an adequate account of reality, from the bottom-up and top-down.

Nature’s Way

Information is the distinct patterns or organizations of energy and matter. Information is theoretically defined as something that conveys and harbors meaning; energy is something that is used to perform work; and matter is something that occupies space and has mass.

Matter is a continuous, time dependent, self-organizing process. Particle-wave systems continuously re-order the space that constitutes them. The radiant field is the cosmic egg, the orobouros. A photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. Light should be interpreted as a field, much like magnetic fields.

The universe could not have come into existence without a pre-cosmic source of potential energy. Both potential mass/energy and potential metric time are fundamental aspects of unconditioned absolute space. This “empty” pre-cosmic space is the origin of total multidimensional spacetime, including all the fractal harmonics of radiant electromagnetic fields and their particle/standing waves.

Unconditioned pre-cosmic space acts like a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) or a super-unexcited and super-cold,superfluid/superconductor boosting quantum effects to macroscopic scales. It has no friction. It is an unusual coherent state of matter that appears because of the quantum mechanical effects on the gathering of entities called bosons.

Quantum decoherence is the process of translation from quantum to classical behavior. It is the loss of coherence or ordering of the phase angles between the components of a system in a quantum superposition. A consequence of this dephasing leads to classical or probabilistically additive behavior.

Quantum decoherence gives the appearance of wave function collapse (reduction to a single possibility seen by an observer) and justifies the framework and intuition of classical physics. Decoherence is the loss of information from a system into the environment. Decoherence does not generate actual wave function collapse. It only provides an explanation for the appearance of wavefunction collapse.

In the exotic BEC form of matter, light is composed of quanta or photons, and its behavior acts as waves or particles.Light particles merge into a single level or entity (such as a laser). All the particles that make up the condensate are in-phase, described by a single quantum wavefunction. All the atoms are identical and no measurement can tell them apart.

The only possible source of such expansive and contractive energy fields within the total manifested cosmic space-time, would have to be the infinite angular spin momentum of the ubiquitous absolute zero-point or infinite ZPE (Casimir Force) located everywhere in the Planck volume of total metric physical space-time.

Since all radiant fields have fractal harmonics based on the initial cyclic spin of their ZPE source and the triple cycle loop of its emanation/radiation, all such fields would originate from the same zero-point. Each such field would be woven out of individual rays of ZP force following a triple loop, double helix Mobius Klein path (see Fig. 1). As all zero-points of absolute space are essentially one thing, all spherical fields (originating from any zero–point spin momentum or singularity in spacetime) would also be interconnected. Therefore, all particle-standing waves originating from the same zero-point would be entangled with each other (Aspect, 2004).

Aether, hyperspace, and spacetime are all different states of the same entity at different scales. Aether has no reference points, no meaningful motion, no time, no wave fronts, with empty space as perfectly flat. At the hyperspace level of observation, we get EM waves, strings, branes, quanta, etc. Finally, classical spacetime emerges, the objective Universe as we naturally perceive it. The infinitesimal center is coextensive with the universal continuum.

1. Aether — (Sub-quantum level) Dimensionless, eternal. David Bohm’s implicate order, Basil Hiley’s pre-space, subspace. The scale at which non-local, instantaneous state change occurs. This is where Nature’s four fundamental forces emerge from.
2. Hyperspace — (Quantum level) Wheeler’s quantum foam. Quantum gravity. Quantum weirdness. A medium where more than one object can occupy the same space; allowing for quantum wave superposition, parallel, and non-linear, information processing.
3. Spacetime — (Classical level) Intersubjective creation; Gravitation, matter… the objective Universe.

Each subjective experience injects one bit of translinguistic information into this objective store of information which then specifies  the relative probabilities for various possible future subjective experiences to occur. This feedforward is the fundamental mechanism of the self-creation of the universe from a deep level of non-individuated consciousness.

It eventually becomes embodied within the collective and individual, conscious and unconscious activities of all sentient beings. This is the collective entanglement of sentient quantum intentionality, interacting with quantum potentiality which has the most significant determining influence upon deep aspects of the manifestation of quantum reality into the experiential worlds.

Particle-wave systems must be in constant motion, continuously processing space in order to continue their existence. If motion ceased, they would simply disintegrate. Virtual particles pop-up from hyperspace into spacetime as the result of random field interactions such as resonance. We are observing energy exchanges in nature. Nothing else is taking place. A wave requires time and space. Amplitude happens in 3D space, and then it moves so that those dimensions change. Time is motion in space.

Particles stay in spacetime because they have stable standing waves. Is a spherical standing wave an emitter and reflector? A transmitter and responder is a transponder. In the case of two emitters, the emitter basically creates its own responder. In that case the “aetheric” background may have new quality. Are spherical standing waves virtual transponders producing an information circuit?

Radiant fields are, in effect, spherical standing waves that follow a double helix spiral vortex Mobius Klein path. Plausibly, the incoming wave is the compressive gravity aspect, and the outgoing wave is the expanding electromagnetic aspect. Is a spherical standing wave (radiant field) the signature of a virtual transponder simultaneously receiving, translating and then re-broadcasting information?

Huping Hu’s research suggests biologically/chemically meaningful information can be transmitted through quantum entanglement from one place to another by photons and possibly other quantum objects such as electrons, atoms and even molecules. Second, both classical and quantum information can be transmitted between locations of arbitrary distances through quantum entanglement alone. Third, instantaneous signaling is physically real which implies that Einstein’s theory of relativity is in real (not just superficial) conflict with quantum theory. Fourth, brain processes such as perception and other biological processes likely involve quantum information and nuclear and/or electronic spins may play important roles in these processes.

Nature of Consciousness

A system referring to itself creates paradoxes that cannot be logically resolved — and so certain questions cannot in principle be answered. Consciousness, in a way, is in the same logical boat. At its core, consciousness is self-referential awareness, the self’s sense of its own existence. It is consciousness itself that is trying to explain consciousness.
This is the archetype of the feedback loop. But human consciousness is more than just an ordinary feedback loop. It’s a strange loop, which Hofstadter describes as a loop capable of perceiving patterns in its environment and assigning common symbolic meanings to sufficiently similar patterns.

Symbols stand for abstract regularities in the world, Hofstadter asserts. Human brains create vast repertoires of these symbols, conferring the “power to represent phenomena of unlimited complexity and thus to twist back and to engulf themselves via a strange loop.” Consciousness itself occurs when a system with such ability creates a higher-level symbol, a symbol for the ability to create symbols. That symbol is the self. The I. Consciousness.

“You and I are mirages that perceive themselves,” Hofstadter writes. The ‘I’ we create for each of us is a quintessential example of a perceived or invented reality.  It’s not the stuff out of which your brain is made,” Koch says. “It’s what that stuff represents that’s conscious, and that tells us that lots of other systems could be conscious too.” This self-generated symbol of the self operates only on the level of symbols. Mysteries multiply because the symbol is generated by the thing doing the symbolizing.

The thing that matters is information.
Information can be seen as an abstract, almost transcendental stuff that can circulate unchanged among different material substrates. Once we begin to believe that information is more essential than material forms, we vacate the old cosmos defined by presence and absence, entering a world characterized by the binary feedback of pattern and randomness, signal and noise.

What we really are is a community of mind, knitted together by codes and symbols, intuitions, aspirations, histories, hopes. The invisible world of the human experience is far more real to us than the visible world, which is little more than a kind of stage or screen on which we move. Understanding the virtual root of reality we find there are fields of data not ordinarily coordinated by ordinary perception.

Consciousness is deeply involved in representing information with symbols and putting that information together to make sense of the world. It’s the brain’s information processing powers that allow the mind to symbolize itself. Focusing on information could sharpen science’s understanding of consciousness. A brain’s ability to find patterns in influxes of sensory data, to send signals back and forth to integrate all that data into a coherent picture of reality and to trigger appropriate responses all seem to be processes that could be quantified and perhaps even explained with the math that describes how information works.

Consciousness copes with thoughts and emotions, hopes and fears, ideas and desires. Just as numbers can represent the complexities of all of mathematics (including numbers), a brain can represent the complexities of experience (including the brain itself). Gödel’s proof showed that math is “incomplete”; it contains truths that can’t be proven. And consciousness is a truth of a sort that can’t be comprehended within a system of molecules and cells alone. Viewed as a symbol, consciousness is very much like many of the other grand ideas of science, such the atom and the gene.

Michael Persinger suggests that consciousness, including mystical states can be expressed as quantum phenomena, coupled to electron movements, congruent with magnetic fields strengths associated with neurocognitive activity. Such information accessing states may recruit the fundamental properties of space-time, matter and information. Pulsed electromagnetic fields (photons) carry information through quantum entanglement.

One mind experimental method to test the actuality that consciousness and time are fundamental qualities of the zero-point of absolute space located everywhere in 3D space-time, and that the universe is a hologram, would be to mentally observe that the light from every star seen from any point of view on Earth converges in every zero-point between our point of view and the entire star field.  This allows us to realize that each point of view, no matter where located in 3-space-time, is at the exact center of the universe observed from that point… And that the total image at the point of observation is a hologram. Bohm and Susskind demonstrate viable theories of such holographic realities.

Metaphysical space is the unconscious — self-aware emptiness. In quantum theory, matter becomes an aspect of mind. Spin-mediation is one theory of consciousness. The spin-mediated consciousness theory as originally proposed (Hu & Wu, 2002) dealt with the immanent aspect of consciousness such as awareness. Within this framework, the nuclear/electronic spins are the mind-pixels which interact with the brain through quantum effects, modulating and being modulated by various classical brain activities such as the action potentials (Hu & Wu, 2002 & 2004a-d).

Hu suggests The transcendental aspect of Consciousness produces and influences reality through self-referential spin as the interactive output of Consciousness. In turn, reality produces and influences immanent aspect of Consciousness as the interactive input to Consciousness through self-referential spin.

Spin, torsion, torque, vortex, torus are primordial archetypes of being and awareness..Torsion Fields, the quantum spin of empty space are the large-scale coherent effects of the spin of the particles in the virtual sea.If “torsion fields” can be used for communication, they may explain such things as telepathy and other psi phenomena.

Each form that is in each human mind is, in some sense, an archetype — some more common than others. A self-replicating archetype that is kindled from the collective unconscious is initiated through a mechanism of unconscious levels of tuning.

All information of consciousness is carried, transformed and transmitted as holographic wave interference patterns on the surfaces of higher order hyperspace fields, which are resonant with the intermediate EM field of the brain. The entire universe, including, all the visible and invisible structures within it, is essentially a hologram.  According to the fundamental laws of electrodynamics, such information can be transmitted from one fractal-involved field to the other by phase conjugate adaptive resonance.

Repetition pushes the human psyche toward a bifurcation. Psyche has the possibility of using self-referencing repetition as a chaotic attractor. The progressive is suddenly punctuated by what is novel, and thrown into chaos. Archetypes also shape collective consciousness. They are coherent, complex, intelligible patterns of meaning and improvisational creativity, shaped by the multilevel unconscious tuning, caused by an unresolved conflict in the deeper unconscious layers.

Meaning is not an entity, not a creed, a doctrine, a worldview, also not something like the fairytale treasure hard to attain. It is not semantic, not a content. Meaning, where it exists, is first of all an implicit or a priori fact of existence. It can never be the answer to a question. It is, conversely, an unquestioned and unquestionable certainty that predates any possible questioning. It is the groundedness of existence, a sense of embeddedness in life, of containment in the world.

… excerpt from:

LUMINOUS GROUND: The Zero With a Thousand Faces

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