The Lion’s Gateway: Galactic Level Activations

Ascension / Friday, August 7th, 2015

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by Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our Lion’s Gate passage opens Friday, August 7 and continues through Thursday, August 13. The crystalline focus continues, and you may have noticed amplifications in the HUman heart grid over the last few weeks. It is a brilliant, expansive phase of our evolution, beloveds. The energies are ever-increasing for the Light Tribe, and you may be experiencing the pull of the final Equinox – Blood Moon Gateway. Service and mission work reaches completion; work which began with the first Gate back in 2014. It is a powerful series of shifts and revelations for those choosing to engage in Ascension.

Galactic Level Activations

There are a series of frequencies entering during the Lion’s Gate passage which will assist starseeds and in-carnated Galactics in their service work. The message and suggested work for the last Gateway (facing fears of Ascension, embodiment) was purposeful for those fine-tuning their Ascension process in 2015 as preparation for crystalline embodiment. It is important to release fears, beliefs or assumptions about one’s mission right now, because many of you will be shifting to a very non-linear, multidimensional expression this year. This shift is already under way for many because of your conscious choice to serve the Shift and Ascension.

Several new experiences will be anchored over the next two months which will expand the horizons of the Galactic in-carnate consciousness. Revelation and Mastery of the expansion have been a theme of 2015, and many of you are well-prepared for a broader level of understanding and service. For those who have experienced the bizarre and beautiful this year, and have been capable of stabilizing your consciousness along the way, you will feel calm, centered, and ready for the next step of service. These experiences and activations will in turn expand the collective’s ability to receive, accept, and integrate multidimensional awareness.

We are rapidly approaching a sharper delineation of collective realities. Remember; as you carry a higher vibration, you carry greater influence on the collective. This is due to your light quotient; the amount of Source light you are able to hold within your DNA. Obviously this is not a trait (nor a priority) of the entire HUman population. However, the collective who are on-the-fence about Ascension, awakened to light (rather than conspiracy), or are nearing their own light quotient tipping point, may be assisted by the higher vibrational activations received by the high-vibe tribe right now. This is received and transmitted through the crystalline structures in your body, DNA and light fields. Use the multidimensional torus alignments to strengthen your Ascension column and bring these frequencies and experiences into your expression.

Expansion and Grace

As the energies get more stimulating in order to transform the lower levels, it is complimentary to be kind, generous, and patient to balance the collective contraction. Many hear about financial shifts, Earth shifts, or are simply triggered emotionally as the frequencies rise and they habitually contract with fear. Balance that contraction by being gracious, demonstrating abundance, volunteering expansive kindness in your communications, and offering support when you can.

Defying anxieties (and the programs running to amplify fears) is a simple act of service anyone may engage in. It must be authentic; genuinely agree to support the higher light. This is not a passage of penance or act-as-if-you-are-in-service. Transparency is already available to many, and that perspective sees a lot, beloveds. Keep your pace true to your own journey, and test your Divinity. You may be delightfully surprised with the new existence emerging upon the planet right now. As always, if you operate from the true Heart center, you cannot go wrong.

Events in August

Our Gateways include August 7 -13 and a cosmic trigger event August 22-25. Every day feels like a Gateway as your vibration rises to meet the photonic light influx, however our collective reception for incoming waves remains a potent agreement for unifying our Higher Levels, In-Carnate levels, and the acceleration of the Shift. Agreement and collective choice; let the Ascension unfold for those choosing the new light, in the highest interests of all concerned.

In Love, Light and Service,


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