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Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Friday, March 6th, 2020

Energy update 3/4/20

The lines of solid definition have begun to blur.

Energetically, the etheric realms in and around Earth have started to dissolve the hard lines of separation and containment. What were solid programs that have been running for thousands of years are beginning to release the hold on the flow of energy through the entire planet.

This is causing levels of vibration to rise planetwide, allowing many more people to begin feeling the deep pull underneath the surface to start lifting the aspects of themselves they do not enjoy up to the forefront.

What this means, is that many in the sleeping population are beginning to have anxiety, fear, anger, shame, guilt, depression, etc… rising up through their every day lives, causing confusion and hopelessness as the Spark of Source awakens and they recognize how far from natural evolution humanity has shifted.

This is not an obvious understanding as it grows, meaning there is a sense of knowing something is wrong, but no direct place to put this knowing. This creates a feeling of being adrift without direction. There is a sense of dissatisfaction and non connection to the 3D technocratic world that explodes addiction protocols on the electronic, psychological and physical levels as this dissatisfaction starts to draw them into internal thought instead of external impulse reaction.

This is prime ground for the Grand Awakening of human consciousness.

Recognize that the reactionary state of humankind is going to begin reaching extremely volatile levels and the emotional warfare is going to reach deep levels of extreme.

We are already seeing the worldwide effects of this as the sociopolitical climate rift tears apart even further, as mainstream media redirects, lies and programs the general population, as more cry out for their freedoms to be controlled and responsibilities be handled by “those more capable”.

This is the program coming up to the surface. As the frequencies become richer, deeper and more intense, it is like million year old dried up dirt/stone suddenly having liquid flushing through it. The solid pieces are suddenly obvious as the framework holding it is washed away.

I go into much deeper detail of how these high and low vibrations work in the etheric level here.

What is completely unexpected from a 3D level in all of this, is the power of human connection.

Many are opening up to the full body/brain potential of humankind naturally inside of this process, an explanation of the human activation potential is discussed here.

Beginning to speak on the Language of Light levels can dissolve these programs in their tracks. Learning how to expand your nervous system awareness to the point you can create joy and laughter in your field and then use it to dissolve the slow moving, heavy vibrations of anger, pain, sadness, guilt and shame can immediately deflect hostility, predatory intent, fear programs and anxiety/worry that is being directed at you.

These frequencies are the true Language that the universe speaks all the way from the macro, massive external universe, down to your atomic structure and makeup.

We will be exploring these levels in the next Pineal Pilgrimage, found here

As more release the story (brain based perception), the Language of Light is used more frequently, giving more opportunities for others to come into contact with these frequencies and sensations, thus opening a doorway of awareness to begin exploring outside of the brain (full heart/gut/brain perception).

As this exploration goes deeper, the frequencies rise. More stagnancy comes to the surface, more is revealed, more begin to wake up.

The first wave of true physical program shifting is slow and uncomfortable. We are watching the key turning to unlock this wave.

Our job is to recognize the importance of feeling good. Of not taking on the energies of what we have no control over, but instead focusing of purifying the areas we do have an ability to shift.

As humanity becomes more reactionary, use that as your alarm for how present in the moment we must ground into.

Look around you as if you are seeing it for the first time. Study it with that sense of awe and wonder we had as children finding and exploring something new. Start focusing on the things that bring joy and make you feel good.

When you find you self being pulled out of it by the actions of others, do not take their actions personally. Recognize their imbalance, recognize why they are reacting with no control. Be aware that you used to be in the same state. Respond in love. Respond in kindness. Respond in warmth.

Now is the time to find your footing, your foundation of strength. Those around you will be ever so grateful in the long run, because it is not about You or Me, it is about US. WE.

Deep breath. Smile. We got this

To book an energy session with me focused on cleaning out pain, trauma ancestral programming, physical blockage or past life karma to unlock a painfree, joyous, body aware space, find me here.

Thank you to everyone excited and pushing for more awareness, I see you out there

Source: Eric Raines

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