The Keepers on the events of 4/15 in Boston, MA.

Ascension / Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Apr 16, 2013 by Irma Kaye

Hello friends. I am here in the desert for what was intended to be a working respite, and it has ended up taking a much different turn based on today’s events in Boston. I sensed what I call a “disturbance in the force” starting late this morning and fell into a deep sleep this afternoon which was the time of the event itself. This has happened to me in the past, but not for many years. There is no doubt many Light Workers were on the spiritual “ground crew” and perhaps still are. Thank you for your service today, and always.

I received this message in the morning today.

In the time period of 4/15 through 4/25 (Full Moon Eclipse,) there is a greater influx of higher dimensional energy being shared with Gaia and her inhabitants. This for a brief time may cause an “appearance” of an increase in resistant motives and behaviors that are at cross-purposes. Let it pass. Let it (and the perpetrators) go. The opportunity in such time to connect deeper with one’s own Spirit and true values. As in, what are you radiating today? What needs to be dropped in your consciousness to further be an Ambassador for Peace on the planet? If you are unaware of your Role, inquire within and/or seek the counsel of a soul-directed Guide.

The Message in the evening after the afternoon’s events.

Dear Ones, the controlling interests on Earth no longer “own” the planet, so they are stepping the conflict up a notch so to speak, to regain control. This does not come as a surprise to you. Those that are responsible for acts of terrorism may not or may not be involved directly with an organized, criminal cabal. This however, is not entirely relevant. If you are not able to offer love to these beings, offer them your divine detachment. This is not to say to be indifferent. Let these events further dedicate you to the path of Light, Healing and Truth.

It is true you are in the “end” times. It is the end of the reign of terror, control and the end of the imprisonment of all human souls on Earth. It is important to remember the dream-like nature of the world and that ultimately there is no death. Those who transitioned and the injured are brave warriors. Their transitions were not “in vain.” As Gaia and many of those upon her evolves from polarity and duality, there has been what could be described as a “push back,” by certain groups and individuals out of resistance.

Please be mindful that all things are impermanent and subject to change, with the exception of Source Love which is unwavering. This is an occasion to close the two eyes and seek the single eye of Light, while allowing yourself to be guided by the divine wisdom of the Heart.

Dear ones, we say to you as we have before in times such as this: to refrain from “studying” these events and other acts of destruction or war. Though it may be more of a challenge in the moment, we invite you to drop the struggle and return to yourself, your essence. This is one of the most powerful ways to influence peace for yourself, and for others as well.

(For now,) the Earth plane can be quite dense and its lessons harsh. This will not always be the case. Being in human form and having your experiences is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to evolve one’s soul. It may seem ironic that there has been a great “forgetting” as part and parcel of earth life for many. This is partly what the Shift on the planet is about, the remembrance that You Are That. All manner of light, love and abundance are available to you as the Creative beings that you truly are.

We encircle you, Boston and Gaia herself in love. Shanti.

NOTE: Archangel Michael has been dispensed to the area to assist in the healing of fear and terror. Archangel Raphael is present to provide support for physical and emotional healing. – The Keepers, 4.15.13

May all beings be at Peace.
May all beings be at Ease.
May all beings be filled with loving-kindness.
May Peace prevail on Earth.
And so it is.

© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2013. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.


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