The Importance Of Synchronicity And Why You Need To Pay Closer Attention

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Synchronicity is very important as it is the way through which the Universe connects with you to guide you.

By Conscious Reminder

Notice the Synchronicity

Do you think your soul is trying to tell you something?

Synchronicities or ‘coincidences’ are signs from the Divine Power that they are trying to communicate with you. It can be various forms. There are different ways to interpret synchronicity. I perceive them as divine nudges.

Now try to think about your day. Have people being saying the same phrase or words to you in a day? Have you been noticing the same numbers? Did someone mention something that you were thinking of at that time? Did you meet someone who answered the lingering questions on your mind?

These are all signs from the Universe that you need to stop for a moment, pay attention to your surroundings, be accepting and notice the source that is trying to communicate with you.

Let me tell you an incident about a man who was in a dilemma about his career, resulting in stress and several questions. He got a new job but wasn’t sure whether he wanted to leave the comfort of his present job.

While driving to work, he was thinking whether he should switch jobs or whether it will make him happy. He wondered if it was the right step to take. At that very moment, as he was pondering over these questions, a bus drove past and the billboard on the side of the bus was a Nike advertisement with the slogan : “Just Do It!”

I don’t believe these are just accidents in this mysterious and clever Universe. When synchronicities take place, it seems to be the manifestation of the inside of your soul onto the outside world. Never let these synchronicities pass by without you noticing them.


Pay attention to these few tips to notice synchronicities and act on them. If you notice these synchronicities more, then the Universe will find it easier to communicate with you and send more such occurrences. Notice when you meet people unexpectedly and listen carefully to what’s being said in a conversation because it can have hidden messages for you.

If you’re facing some problems in your life, it’s best to let it go and hand it over to synchronicity. In this way you will be opening yourself up to the Divine Power, ready to accept its guidance and knowledge and incorporate it into your life. It’s best to work with your journal and intuition to become conscious of the Universe, so that you can receive its message quickly.

It’s really important to be positive in life to get the full experience and be open to these signs. Being negative and cynical blocks you from these opportunities.

Also, you must notice that this article has reached you in some way or the other, through a friend or some other source. Maybe someone has made you read this after you told them about your experiences with coincidences. The fact that you were supposed to read this article is also a message worth noticing.



The Importance Of Synchronicity And Why You Need To Pay Closer Attention

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