The IceWind Turbine Is A New Take On Vertical Access Wind Turbines

Free Energy / Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

The goal of a vertical access wind turbine is to generate enough power in a smaller overall size and with less noise and reduced threat to any wildlife, such as birds, than the more familiar “windmill” design we see dotting the landscape across the country. While there are several companies who make these types of wind turbines, critics will point out their flaws, such as being less efficient. This however is sometimes offset by the fact that they are often simpler machines with less to maintain and they can take advantage of wind from any direction, take up less space, and can work during lower winds. Sometimes these aspects are more appealing than peak efficiency.

One newer design that captures more wind than some other designs by using wider blades turned on their side (compared to other options), is the IceWind turbine. It can be made on a variety of scales, comes in different color options to be more aesthetically pleasing, and is intended to be used for residential power, while other units are intended to work at remote monitoring stations, and telecom towers. They are also developing solar energy options which will make their company a one stop solution for your off grid energy needs in the near future. Their turbines are handcrafted in Iceland, and they utilize materials such as aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber. The residential version is capable of 1,000W with a 22mph wind, but will still generate power with much lower wind speeds, while the commercial model for telecom and other uses, can operate in winds equal to a category 4 Hurricane. For more details you can check out their webpage here.



The IceWind Turbine Is A New Take On Vertical Access Wind Turbines

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