The Hathors: Influential Awakenings, Accepting Unexpected Truth and Creating Collective Revolution ~~ Wes Annac

Ascension, Galactics / Saturday, August 17th, 2013

16 August 2013

Channeler: Wes Annac

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes:

The energies Creating and sustaining your realities are being continually boosted in purity, and we mention this process at the start of our communication to let you know that it has once again been expanded upon quite exponentially.

This has been brought about because of very important celestial events that have taken place recently, and we can say with joy that plenty more will come as you find yourselves assimilating energies that are ever-increasing in purity.

The continual increase in purity of the energies you’re absorbing in every moment means that you’re reaching elevated planes of consciousness and perceptual awareness. Your perspective in every moment will begin to reflect the continual purity increases being given, but of course, this is a process that comes about in increments.

This is why the purity of energies Creating and sustaining your realities hasn’t been boosted to match the realms of the fifth dimension all at once. Your bodies must adjust to the energies you’re being given as you collectively ascend, as we don’t wish to burn your temples out by having you absorb energies that are far purer than you’d yet be ready to absorb.

Your ascension has indeed been a gradual process, and very important shift points have and continue to occur that see a boosted collective awareness and metaphysical perception.

The Awakenings of Influential Individuals

While much of your collective is still rooted in the mindsets that feed the lower-dimensional experience, the Light being assimilated and given out from you dear awakening Lightworkers has leveled the playing field exponentially, and has seen events on your world tip more in favor of the Light.

Pay attention, dearest souls, to the emergence of various individuals who seem bent on helping the people and building your new paradigm. Such individuals are emerging everywhere, and it takes only willing eyes to see them to know that they’re here on your Earth and actively Creating positive change in every moment.

The Lightworkers and truth-bearers have incarnated onto the Earth and are in various different positions that they’ll ultimately use for the betterment of the planet.

Your ascension energies are being picked up on by an ever-increasing number of souls, and as has been said by others, souls in positions of influence all across your world will soon begin stepping up and speaking for truth and justice.

This is the way it’s always been meant to be, as your collective has been meant to awaken out of the illusion of separation and hatred but has largely looked toward certain individuals to feed their ideals of reality to them.

Of course, we encourage gaining personal spiritual independence and liberation rather than looking toward another for one’s ideas of reality, but at the same time, we and many others recognize that souls in positions of influence on your Earth are widely looked up to and, upon responding to your ascension energies themselves, can use the positions they’re in to help uplift and inform the planet.

Ideas that previously seemed outside of your collective ability to grasp or understand will be widely picked up and understood, and ideas that would previously garner ridicule will be opened up to. You’ll come to learn that many of the science-fiction related stories and ideas you’ve been given were based off of very real things, as you find that your history as a planet is much more extensive than you’ve been told.

The Difficulty of Acceptance

Yes, the collective could have an immensely difficult time coming to accept that there are millions of benevolent Galactic and Angelic beings stationed all around your planet and in the purer realms of consciousness, actively fixated upon your world and your society and specifically, the evolution you’re undergoing.

It could be very difficult indeed for the majority of people on your world to accept that benevolent Galactic beings not only exist, but are and have been stationed around your planet for millennia and have made contact with your various civilizations immensely throughout your history.

As difficult as it could be for these truths to be absorbed and understood, your entire collective is to be informed of everything that’s been kept hidden from you. Trust, dear souls, when we say that there will be much for you to absorb.

There will be so very much for you to learn as a collective; not just regarding your true history, but regarding spirituality and how a spiritual understanding of the reality around you exists and has been picked-up on all throughout your Earthly experience.

A plethora of souls have come to discover their personal inner-realms and have found their ascension as a result, and individual ascensions have occurred on your world for as long as She’s been a planet.

This is because every soul is meant to learn and grow back into their personal understanding of the physical and spiritual Source of all existence, and this rounds back to the importance of your collective being informed of everything that’s been hidden from you.

It’s important for your collective to learn of the suppressed aspects of your history, and there have been many, because such knowledge is crucial to your entrance into the higher dimensions.

Exposure of the Dark: a Natural Result of Awakening

Even the dear awakening Lightworkers, who’ve come to find and know quite a lot indeed, haven’t yet glimpsed some of the most startling truths regarding your cabals and the extent to which they’ve suppressed your history, and it’s important for the Lightworkers and for the entire Earth to know of such things before you’re to enter the higher dimensions.

You’d be unable to entire the higher dimensions without any bit of darker inclined energy being exposed and having Light shone on it, and it’s been discussed before that exposure of the dark is a natural result of an individual or collective’s entrance into steadily purer planes of Light.

The exposure of the cabals cannot be avoided, because it’s a natural aspect and result of your collective evolutionary process.

It’s imperative that your collective be opened up to absolutely everything that’s been hidden from you; even the revelations you may be more comfortable not hearing. The aspects of the cabals’ darker-inclined rituals and the acts they’ve perpetrated onto their youth may be the most difficult for many to absorb, as well as revelations regarding their involvement in the underground drug and sex trade.

Even as we discuss such things, we can feel the vibration in our scribe dip in association with them and what they represent.

This is exactly what we’re referring to – a potential difficulty on the part of even many awakening souls to be able to understand and accept some of the most shocking or darker-inclined truths regarding the cabals and what they’ve done on your world.

As difficult as they’ll be to absorb and as low of a vibration they could temporarily put one on, the collective is to be informed of such things as an integral aspect of your ascension. Despite the shocking revelations that’ll be encountered, it’ll be explained that there’s a much lighter, much greater spiritual side to your existence.

Healing the Collective Energies

The spiritual “secrets” that have been hidden from humanity concerning your infinite and infallible ability to Live a peaceful and unity-based collective existence will be discussed, and we anticipate the majority of your populace being quite excited about working together to build a world based in unity consciousness rather than separation or division.

Dear scribe, we can feel that the issue of divisive consciousness has been on your mind and heart a great deal lately, and this could likely be so for many others as well. You’re helping to mend and heal the energies prevalent in the collective consciousness, and much of the energy and emotion you’re being given to transmute is indeed coming from other places and people on your Earth.

When humanity comes to understand the energy at work sustaining your reality and the fact that your very spiritual essence is comprised of such energy, the oneness of your collective consciousness will be understood and the fact that you’re all interlinked and can feel each other’s energy and emotion will be understood as well.

Humanity will understand that you’re energetically linked together and can share and transmit energy, information and emotion back and forth. You do so quite routinely, and what many awakening Lightworkers are feeling in this very moment can be traced back to the energies prevalent in your collective.

The intervention of the Light has come about in the form of mass incarnations of a plethora of higher-dimensional souls, as well as an active monitoring of your planet on the part of the Company of Heaven.

A Steady Progression & Feelings of Revolution

Every one of you absorbing this communication who’ve awakened into a position of being able to help your collective answered the call to incarnate on the Earth and help bring about Her evolution in a time when Her physical surface was experiencing much pain and warfare on a massive level, and your presence on the surface of the Earth has heralded massively pure Light, the purest of which we couldn’t yet communicate to you.

If we could only communicate the large volumes of information and energy you’ll be able to absorb when your temples have expanded to certain heights, than you’d understand why your abilities have already grown to the extents they have.

Many of you can perhaps look back upon your experience up to this point and see a solid and steady progression perception and clarity-wise, from where you once were to where you’re currently at along your growth.

You’re reaching new strides as your collective responds to the recent celestial happenings helping your planet enter into ever-purer Light planes, and we’ll continue to assist when and where we can as we work from our position to help your collective and you awakening Lightworkers to assimilate the energies you’re being given properly.

We wish now to address the revolutionary feelings being incited in a plethora of awakening souls who are responding to the energies you’re being given. Many of you are being led to throw as much of yourselves as possible into the spiritual and physical liberation of humanity, and you’re being called upon to increase and expand your efforts.

We know that the overwhelming majority of you who feel a greater desire to step up your personal efforts will respond to this call well, and will help the collective exponentially in the works you produce from here on out.

The awakening Lightworker public has so very much work to do, and while some of you are contributing directly to humanity’s evolution by placing yourselves at the forefront of the public’s attention, there are many more who are holding the energetic space and performing their own forms of potent and needed Lightwork.

These individuals stay out of the forefront of the collective perception much of the time, and will make rare appearances on Lightworker-oriented blog sites or discussion forums.

Rather than making themselves known or boldly proclaiming their presence, these individuals are performing energetic transmutations and pouring Lighted energies through to the surface of the Earth.

Advanced and Free-Flowing Travel

There are many active Lightworkers who aren’t known of by the awakening public, but you’ll all be brought together in the time ahead as the lightened energies see you able to connect and convene with each other in much more direct ways than you do currently.

Humanity’s current methods of transportation can be seen as outdated compared to the advanced travel ability you’re to enjoy in the time ahead, as much advanced technology awaits humanity’s use which will make many avenues of your current existence much easier and more free-flowing.

Every soul deserves to travel around your world and experience the most beautiful places She has to offer, but this right has been denied you as your travel has been restricted to commercial airplanes, cars and trains for the majority of people.

Technology that can see you transport yourselves to different locations instantaneously has been suppressed for reasons your cabals would have you believe are related to national security, and these technologies will be widely disclosed and understood by all as your collective uproots the forces of corruption and tyranny from your world and uncovers what they’ve hidden from you.

There are so many groups and individuals working behind the scenes on your world and in the higher dimensions on the restoration of your planet and on everything that’s to come with it. However, we, being great in number as we are, still cannot do all of this work ourselves.

Importance of the Collective Will

We seek the active assistance of each of you in the ways you feel you best can, as the cabals must be exposed and uprooted by the will of the people.

The will of the majority of your collective must be for exposure of the actions of the cabals to come about, but many souls on your world are still unaware of their existence; choosing not to believe in it or labeling it as simple conspiracy theory.

With an ever-increasing number of awakening souls and developing Lightworkers (being activated), the criteria needed for exposure of the cabals to come about will be and is growing to be met in every moment. Nearly every day, new exposures regarding the inner-workings of the cabals are coming forth.

News stories expressing the crimes that have been wrought onto the general public are coming forth in every moment, and the signs of change continue to be shown as humanity inches ever closer to the aforementioned criteria.

Your collective growth cannot and will not be stalled, and the progress you make as individuals determines the progress that will be made by your collective. You have much more of an ability to help your collective reach purer states of consciousness and perception than you yet realize, and we ask you with Love to hone this ability and to embrace the higher realms as you do so.

We continue to encourage expansion of your personal roles, and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we say that the inspiration and brimming motivation being found in the awakening public in this, a very important time along your collective growth, will continue to pick up.

You’ll continue to be inspired by the realms of pure consciousness to help your collective see the Light and find their evolution, and the resulting purer perception you’ll feel will go much deeper than what you’ve yet known or understood.

Your deepening metaphysical perception will herald an increased understanding of the realms of spirit and of the need to begin acting in alignment with one’s own Divine will in every moment, and ultimately, your growth and learning will continue throughout various planes of consciousness and echelons of existence.

For now, we encourage you to enjoy the vibration you’re on as you make your personal efforts to purify or expand it.

The energetic space you’re holding emits a frequency based upon the emotion you choose to express in every moment, and while the sadness or anger that can come with surfacing or lesson-learning is understood and necessary, to feed into distorted emotion in this new era is to hold oneself and the world around one back immensely.

We Love you from the deepest depths of our hearts, and we bid you adieu with the joy of a thousand souls.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia


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