The giant Cosmic Web of the I AM avatar race is ready to launch, to speak and to BE ~ Méline Lafont

Ascension, Galactics / Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

As we allow the current flow of energy to merge with our authentic being, we still find ourselves very much attached to strings at times, where the web of illusion is desperately trying to hold on to our being in order to be fed. On the other hand the freedom and its smell are very palpable and can be tasted in the form of Light and Love, as it smells like flowers and stardust, where the frequency is so high it is beyond tangible in your life stream. You are starting to find yourself within the stream of unimaginable energies that form your current reality within.

The giant Cosmic Web of I AM Presences is now ready to be launched on your world for it is completed and formed with all of your beings into One. As this web descends into your collective being it forms a new way of interaction and abilities for the entire Hue-man race and its home star, planet Gaia. The formations of the old are crumbling step by step and it is allowing the new to enter its shores. It is allowed to take place because the human race is transforming its DNA and quantum field into a more Galactic Hue-man race where you will be all aligned with your own true Selves on a Galactic – and even on a Master level of frequencies.

As the giant Cosmic web of creation aligns with the giant Cosmic web of the I AM avatar race, which is you, tremendous amounts of creations, abilities and co-foundations are at hand for all of you by allowing yourselves to be your true nature of being and by surrendering only to Love. Inner trust is of much importance in this time of co-creation and of alignment to Self. Such great Love and the extension of its sister, called the practical Love in life, shall lead you on the way to your home, which is you as a matter of fact. There is no place like home means there is no other place than you! Your own being, your own individual energy, your own heart which is the center of your Universe.

Now that the I AM avatar race is expanding its Light frequency to the highest vibration that matches your coherency and truth, there is an inner expansion and growth allowing you to move forward ahead on the path to wisdom, integration, radiance and sophistication of your own individual Self. Your frequency starts to match its intrinsic energy field that is employing the embodiments such as you are in now, as this is where you are coming from as a descendant. There is no more room for the dualistic field that is losing its grip and expansion day by day, for the force of your own being is growing at a tremendous fast pace that only Light can maintain.

The giant Cosmic Web of the I AM avatar race is ready to launch, to speak and to BE for it took hundreds of years to build upon this energy frequency that was enabling the reform of this grid again around an Earthly plane. Now its there to descend and to merge with each individual of the collective human race to become the re-birthed HUE-man race on a Galactic -, Solar – and even on a Cosmic plane. There is much at stake here for it’s all done by the power of Light, Love and Being and it is a life changing, planetary changing course like no other. And the most exceptional part of this all, is that it is done by the heart, through the heart while being in physical embodiment.

See how exceptional each of you is and all of you are and how powerful your own thoughts, feelings and creations can be. This all has led you to where you are standing today: on the threshold of a big transition of Earth and of your own individual selves. As we continue to move up this Planetary Ascension into an alignment and connection with the giant Cosmic web of I AM Presences it is required of you to achieve a balanced state where awareness is important, where you can be the observer and the observed at the same time whilst channeling these energies into this Earthly grid and formation of Oneness with the I AM Avatar race of your authentic being.

It is a great time to start listening to your inner heart and body language for they are going through a serious amount of changes that demands a lot of focus on yourself and on your inner heart space. Align with your avatar I AM Presence now by allowing this field in your heart to expand and become YOU. It comes from the heart and through the heart as the heart is the only gateway and highway throughout this Ascension. Attention and focus will be needed on the depths of your being and not on the ego. Shine truth, radiate Light and Be Love, always.

Eyah Asher Eyah
Méline Lafont/ Lady Portia

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and


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