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Ancient Science, Galactics / Monday, April 8th, 2013

Written by Wes Annac

I would now like to present, analyze and discuss material concerning the Galactic Federation, sometimes referred to as the Galactic Federation of Light (some hold the belief that the two are different Organizations).

Who is the Galactic Federation?
The Galactic Federation is essentially an Organization comprised of a myriad of races of extraterrestrial and higher dimensional beings who have come together and united in the common goal of serving others, as we will learn below. These beings have found and evolved to the higher states of consciousness we are currently growing toward as a planet, and the Councils from the Pleiades who will be informing us about their Federation and a plethora of other things in this series are comprised mostly of fifth dimensional evolved humans or spirits.

The information we will discuss has been channeled from a Pleiadian Representative of the Galactic Federation and specifically, of the Pleiadian Councils of this Federation, who goes by the label of SanJAsKa. This soul is also a fifth dimensional aspect of my higher self, and could be called a “future self” as some may refer to it.

I have connected with SanJAsKa fruitfully in the past and to this day, this soul has given a plethora of communications and has given much information about the Pleiadians, their Councils and their overall Federation. Quite frankly, I requested as much information from SanJAsKa about the Galactic Federation as I could possibly receive, and the resulting discussion covered many facets of their Organization.

Here, we are going to discuss this information as it is given from dearest SanJAsKa. During this discussion, I hope to be able to provide my perspective on as many things said by SanJAsKa as possible, in an effort to produce a lucrative body of information for you the readers to hopefully benefit from.

Introducing the Galactic Federation
SanJAsKa begins the communication by giving a general introduction to the Galactic Federation, and explaining why it has been established and how the ascension of the Universe fits into the assistance the extra-dimensional souls comprising this Federation are giving.

“The Galactic Federation has been formed as a part of the overall effort to help every lower dimensional planet, collective and individual to see the Light and evolve back into the higher states of consciousness of our Mother/Father Creator. We work based on the ideal of service-to-others and to that extent, we have so very many different races and Councils working “around the clock” as you would term it, to help see-out the ascension of this Universe which has included the ascension of so many lower dimensional planets whose civilizations are ready to see the Light.

The ascension of the Earth is to be a very big, welcomed and added boost to the overall ascension of this entire Universe and we of the Galactic Federation stand ready and willing to offer our assistance to every soul who can begin to open up to our energies and impressions.”

The “ascension of the Earth” SanJAsKa is referring to could be better understood as a collective evolution that humanity is undergoing along with our planet. This evolution is physical and spiritual in nature and with it, we will find deeper and heightened states of consciousness and resulting abilities that we have been taught to believe are only possible in science-fiction works.

The ascended souls who are a part of the Galactic Federation and who are assisting us from “beyond the veil” with our collective evolution have found the states of consciousness and resulting abilities that have garnered a higher dimensional experience for them. It’s been said that the “service-to-others” ideal becomes a primary creed to Live by when reaching higher states of consciousness, because the drive to help as many souls as possible to evolve is very strong.

Training with the Galactic Federation
SanJAsKa goes on to explain that misinformation has been spread surrounding the Galactic Federation, and that they are of pure, higher dimensional vibrations and can experience or feed absolutely no negativity. We are also told of the “training process” potential members of the Galactic Federation undergo before joining the Organization.

“There has been much misinformation spread about our Federation, and we hope for it to go without saying that we do not act on any lower vibratory, mind-based or exclusionary ideals. We do not want any soul to feel as if they will not be welcomed into our Organization if they wish to offer their assistance but as has been said before, there is a process to undergo that involves training you to understand the tasks and responsibilities that would be set out for you were you to join our efforts.

So many souls on your Earth are already members of the Galactic Federation and have purposefully incarnated, walked-into or found another means of inhabiting the Earth, as an aspect of serving Her and helping Her and each one of you to ascend.

Beyond the souls within our Federation who are stationed on the ground, we as well as a plethora of other Lighted Organizations assisting in the ascension of your dearest world have thousands of our ships cloaked and stationed invisibly in the skies of your dear world.”

“Starseed” and “wanderer” are terms that describe souls from the higher dimensions we are growing toward as a planet, who have come to the Earth from their various planets and realms of consciousness to assist in the Earth and its collective’s evolution. Many forces working for the Light and for the Galactic Federation specifically have been able to make their way to the surface of this Earth, and the “Ground Crew” as it has been called is comprised of members of the Galactic Federation stationed on the Earth who have awakened to their greater mission and have activated their greater potential.

Just as SanJAsKa says, even beyond this very direct assistance the Galactic Federation are stationed in our skies in massive numbers and we as a planet can begin to recognize the assistance we are being given and welcome the off-world helpers offering their service.

Why Aren’t They Here With Us Now?
SanJAsKa tells us of the contacts that have been made by the Galactic Federation (and other extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional Organizations) in our ancient history, and the reason that the thousands of ships in our sky are not clearly on our ground is explained as well.

“Previously, we have been able to make contact with various civilizations in your Earthly history and help them to see the Light and when revelations concerning those contacts begin to surface, you will see that we have been very actively involved in your history; both recent and ancient.

Some souls wonder why we would not simply land and make contact with you if we are stationed in your skies, and we ask you to see the military state much of your world has become in relation to unidentified flying objects and the procedures that are taken in response to our craft by your militaries.

Because of pervading interests who have kept a strong grip on so very many aspects of your society, we have been targeted and fired at when making our presence blatantly known and even in other time periods of your history wherein such warfare was not attempted, we still had to be careful with the personal contacts that we made.”

This is one out of many reasons why we as a sovereign humanity should stand up to the pervading interests that have kept much of our history, including the extraterrestrial contacts that have been made, hidden from us. There is much information concerning contacts with Galactic humans that needs to get out, and we cannot continue to remain pacified or complacent when our future is staring us right in the eyes.

Preventing an Overwhelmed Humanity
SanJAsKa goes on to further discuss the care that must be taken when the various souls apart of the Galactic Federation make themselves known; not because of being targeted by militaries, but because they do not want to overwhelm those they are making the contacts with or showing themselves or their ships to.

We are then told that while care must be taken, the Galactics are here to blatantly make themselves known to us and will be taking actions to that extent.

“Thousands of fleets of the Galactic Federation will be made known on your dearest world in the time ahead and in this interim period, we must still be careful with how much we show ourselves as we do not and have not wished to overwhelm you dear souls or give you something that you could not handle.

However, we are also on your world to increasingly make ourselves known, and increasingly make ourselves known we will. We have planned brazen flyovers before, over individual souls with cameras so they could film what they were seeing and help the very ideas of our presence spread in earnest, and we can plan mass flyovers as well that simply could not be ignored by your media because the nature of which we would make such showings of us and our craft.

Again, we must be as careful as possible so as not to overwhelm you dearest souls, as much fear concerning us and our existence has been spread and we do not want any soul to go into state of fear or shock over our existence when important revelations concerning us begin to surface.”

Multitudes of movies have displayed the Galactics as nasty, monstrous aliens, bent on nothing more than the complete destruction of humanity and the Earth. This practice dates back to the 1930s and 40s when coincidentally, a culture began to flourish surrounding extraterrestrials and more specifically, their craft and personal contacts with them.

The response on the part of the individuals who have suppressed our history and kept us feeding fear and the resulting limitation as a collective, was to spread as much fear and misinformation as possible in a propagandist attempt to shape and mold the collective’s perception and opinion about this subject.

Surely, one or two people who consider themselves discerning and rational will laugh off this entire writing and the accompanying channeled material. Perhaps my seriousness about this subject can be seen as a further means to laugh it off and if one looks around, one will see that what would otherwise be an incredibly crucial and important subject for the overall evolution of humanity has been minimized, ridiculed and given a “science fiction” mindset, and any soul who attempts to bring this subject up with seriousness is met with a wall of disbelief.

Our culture and our collective beliefs have been crafted quite specifically to hold us back and so far, the souls who did this have been generally successful and would continue to be were it not for the widespread awakening taking place.

Positively & Negatively Inclined Off-World Forces
We are told of the very real difference between enlightened Galactics and the negatively-inclined extraterrestrials they are portrayed as, and we’re told of the desire of the Galactic souls assisting us to help us realize our nature as spiritual beings. We are also asked to embrace these very concepts that plenty of people still would not.

“There is a very real difference between we Galactic souls who are a part of various ascended Organizations and Federations, and the negatively-programmed “off world forces” as you would refer to them, who are stuck temporarily in service-to-self based mindsets and ways of Living and being.

No negative intents or races are a part of our sacred Federation, as we allow only Light and harmony into our circles and the collective energies surrounding each race of our Federation who will make themselves known to you will alone help you to understand and feel this.

We have so very much to tell you and share with you about your evolution and about the true infinity you can find, feel and access within yourselves, and we ask for you to open up to the very concepts that have been labeled silly or unacceptable on your world, because there is so very much you haven’t been told and there will be so very much that will surprise and astonish you alike.”

It’s been said that nearly all of our true history has been either hidden from us or rewritten. We have been collectively conditioned to exist within a certain frame of perception and as a result, we tend to fear or ridicule anything and everything that is too far outside of our perceptions, because of how truly different it is or would be to what we have been used to calling reality.

We Earth humans have been very focused upon a fixed, set and labeled environment and reality, and this paradigm would and will be broken when learning about the existence of not just a few planets’ worth of evolved humans wishing to assist us in our evolution, but entire Federations and ascended Organizations with that very goal in mind and in heart.


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