The Forbidden Technology of Nikola Tesla ∞ Steven Greer

Free Energy, New Science, Zeitgeist / Monday, December 16th, 2019

“The big picture is that we haven’t needed fossil fuels since about a hundred years ago…the Maxwell Quaternion Equations, that were chopped off and changed…resulted in us having an energy sector that requires us to burn something or heat something up to create steam to get us electricity or to run our cars…

It was observed by Faraday and it was observed by Tesla or observed by many others…Professor Paul Dirac called it the “Dirac Sea” and of course, Tesla called it the “ocean of infinite energy” and it’s been called various things. The modern term is the “Zero Point” energy field…

If you create this kind of vector into the Zero Point energy field, and you create a certain counter-rotating vortex, let’s call it, which is almost a Sufi light phenomenon, you get what’s called ‘lift’ and you get a phenomenon that’s known as ‘electromagnetic gravitics’. Now, the pop culture would call it ‘anti-gravity’, which is really not correct.

What you’re really doing when you see a UFO moving and it’s going straight up 10,000 miles per hour against gravity is that it’s actually in a spacetime bubble. It’s creating its own environment, shall we say.

So, there’s no restrictions to the normal aerodynamic formula and so the thing can lift and go straight up at those velocities. And if it goes through a certain other level, that the entire object, the mass of the entire object can become massless.

And that’s when you enter into what’s called ‘transdimensional physics’; when something moves from one dimension to another or transverses one dimension to another.

By definition, all interstellar vehicles are transdimensional. Let me repeat that: if it’s interstellar, it is transdimensional. It is not getting here at a sub-luminal or below-the-speed-of-light velocity. This is the key thing that people have to understand – and it began to be studied.

Now, in the early days – let’s go back to the time of Tesla – they were observing…this effect, where a certain amount of energy would go into a system and more would come out.

It wasn’t it really accepted until Dr. Hendrik Casimir…and the Casimir Effect. This is published in mainstream physics journals, by the way – and proved that there was this Zero Point energy field; that there was this energy that was left.

Even after you cooled down all the atoms and all the activity in the universe down to Absolute Zero, which is a specific temperature, there’s still this energy there.

And that Zero Point energy field, as it turns out is embedded everywhere in space – not outer space – here, in this room. So that every cubic centimeter of space in this room, for example has enough power to run at least the United States for a day.

A cubic centimeter. So, it’s an enormous field of energy, So, running our planet on this energy field would be like taking a thimble out of the Great Lakes or something of water…

However, as JP Morgan famously was reported to have said to Nikola Tesla, when he had a car that had a little antenna on it, that was running around, where the batteries were charging themselves, JP Morgan said, ‘If we can’t put a meter on it, we don’t want it.’

…The geopolitical, macroeconomic policy issue is the big problem and it isn’t just because there are a few bankers and kleptocrats that are misanthropic sociopaths – although some of them are – it’s because there are a lot of stakeholders, who don’t want to have to deal with the change…

Dr Hal Putoff, he does zero-point energy research – he’s worked for every three-letter agency – told me personally that he knew we already had these technologies but that if he were to bring them forward, he would be killed along with his family and children…

From a rational point of view, you’d say well these technologies would get us off of oil, gas, nuclear power; no more Fukushimas. But from the point of view of people who are looking at the national security equation from a macroeconomic stability point of view, this is their worst nightmare.

99.9% of the people on planet Earth would benefit from this. There is a very very small – not the 1% – it’s the .00001%, who would NOT benefit from this, because they are the ones sitting atop the petrodollar system; the macroeconomic order and particularly, the fact that it is run and everything we’re using is run on a metered linear energy source – even solar and wind.

If you begin to talk about the phenomena of new energy, free energy, anti-gravity UFOs, you’re stepping into an area that is the most sensitive, compartmentalized intelligence in the history of the United States…

“Even if you don’t accept that in your paradigm, the inhumanity of keeping these sciences and technologies away from the public and the poverty that it engenders – I was talking to an industrialist from India and he was telling me it would take trillions of dollars to properly electrify the Subcontinent, so that people have the energy they need using today’s conventional systems…

My wife and I, this week were just up in New York, meeting with the head of a foundation and the question came up frequently with people…all of whom were incredibly wealthy. ‘Well, why doesn’t Bill Gates do it?’ Or ‘Why doesn’t the President?’

It’s always, ‘Why doesn’t someone else…?’ Of course, if you go to the President, he’s like, ‘No way, José!” and if you go to Billionaire X and Billionaire Y and Billionaire Z, many of whom I’ve met with…one of them once said to me, ‘We all want to be first to be second.’

Great expression. You hear it a lot in business, when it’s a very controversial science. No one wants to be the first to stick their neck out, so this becomes then a leadership issue, which is what I’ve tried to provide some clarity to in my own humble way…try to share it with the public and try to create a momentum towards disclosure, not only of the fact that we’re not alone in the universe but that the secret behind these UFO propulsion systems and energy systems would give us an entirely new Planet Beautiful.

But there are stakeholders who are very, very powerful, who are unhappy about that.”



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