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In those days, there were giants like these living here, but as this race has long since vanished, I will simply call them the children of the Sun God, for in reality, this is what they were and their shadows still haunt this land, and sometimes they are still there – yet have long since moved in other dimensions, and planes of existence, that mere humans cannot access, unless they are finely tuned in.

They were excellent mariners, trading in all parts of this planets, and thus often mixing with other outposts of being scattered all over this planet.  Not only did they have advanced  ships which were amphibious, but also had spacecraft and traveled into the far reaches of this universe and solar system, as well as other galaxies.


The children of the Sun God, built huge temple complexes, wherever they built their cities, although the most sacred of these, were mostly built on high energy places – often on islands, with mountains, lush vegetation and crystal clear waterfalls and streams.  It was the indigenous forests that exuded the most potent energy, and when the type of crystal that they used to decorate their buildings or structures with, was of a very rare and precious type, that could only be found in certain regions of this planet, and mostly was imported from Orion and Andromeda, and some came from the Pleiades.

These temples or holy places where so huge, that one could see them with the naked eye from very far off – they shone like the sun and could blind one, when looking directly at it. Most of these complexes were built in concentric circles going inwards and the ending with massive pyramids which were in the center.  Normally these were built in the middle circle and then on a square.

Sometimes, depending on which temple it was, they would differ.  In some cases the circle would be divided into four equal parts, with a crystal pyramid in the middle of each one, with massive paths dividing the circle – these were built like this to coincide with the east, west, south and north axis of a given place, and then in line with the sun and moon – so that they also serves as astronomical observation stations – also to remind people of the four elements comprising each – air, water, fire and earth.  The fifth one was the ethereal one, which was symbolized by the pyramid capstone, which normally was absolutely translucent and thus being within such a structure, gave the idea as if being lit up from within.

These temple complexes served as scientific observation centers at the same time as the Planet had been, and from the very beginning was, a supply station for the huge motherships of the different galaxies and constellations that belong to the Intergalactic Brotherhood of the White Flame and in this then, the data collected was beamed to a midway station, in Venus, and then on to the galaxies that needed the data.

Always, there used to be two vital temple complexes, which were off-shore and only accessible to those who worked there – thus the acolytes, the Initiatives, the Priesthood and the High Priests and High Priestess – these were mostly on Island far offshore and one could only come near these places when one had permission to do so.  This mainly had to do with the frequencies and vibrations that this Priesthood worked with, most of them highly trained and specialized scientists.

In such places then there were two important temples – the temple of wisdom and the temple of the Keepers of Records.  The temple of wisdom mostly instructed the initiates on the basics of the cosmic laws, and also on using the mind to materialize and dematerialize not only the physical form of things, but also to build structures using vibrational frequencies – which is why they could dematerialize solid objects like rock, then with mind power and certain use of sound, put huge tons of rock into place – exactly at the spot that they wanted them in.

The Keepers of Records where not only keeping record of all that was happening on this planet, but also on a cosmic scale – and then they were working under the larger order of the Universal Records and then the great Divine Cosmic Records – thus directly linked to the central records of the Divine Source.


Now, one must think of computer chips here, only the recording was done with certain very high frequency crystals, and then beamed with cosmic energy fields to the central brain (Divine Source) and directly to the central Hall of Records.

The mainframe computer or terminal, which not only enabled them to do this, but at the same time artificially controlled the climate of this planet, as well as all the energy fields and the vibrational energy on this planet – thinking here of the way they could travel inter-dimensionally by using frequencies – thus materializing and dematerializing at will – to almost anywhere they wanted to, all of this was basically enabled by the huge crystal with was housed in the Crystal Pyramid – the Temple of the White Flame.  It was called the “White Flame” because no-one could step onto the Island on which it stood, without being of a certain vibrational frequency – they would simply disintegrate – and also because of the blinding white light emitted from it – it basically was a massive Beacon of Light – and thus blinding….

Only the purest of the pure and those who came from highly evolved galaxies could work there – and thus it was mainly those from highly evolved galaxies and constellations that worked there – most had come as volunteers to help this planet – and had stayed on.

With the aid then of the High Priest and High Priestess in charge of the Temple Complex of the White Flame, the energy grids, the leylines, the energy vortexes, as well as the energy fields of this planet were set.

There is one straight line which basically dissects this planet which is the most potent and holy line – under the surface of this planet’s upper crust, and on this line there are two massive underground rivers, which help to supply water and light to the great underground space stations in this region and particularly in one certain block on that line.   This place was always demarcated as belonging exclusively to the Keepers of the White Flame – and thus were not accessible to most of the population.

As the land of Elysium in parts consisted of islands and thus had to be accessed either by water or from the air, these people basically lived for navigating the seas, and where ever they happened to find new lands, they would leave behind their symbols – which are still all over the world.  In a way it was a coded language, which would enable any visitor from outlying regions of the galaxies to interpret this and to then realize that this planet had its headquarters in certain parts and that permission had to be obtained to visit it.

This was just a matter of courtesy – much like when a yacht now enters a harbor and has both the country it is visiting flag and its own flying – as a matter of showing respect.

Other temple complexes were devoted to measuring the earths’ crust, others to astronomical observations, some to healing, some to sound vibrations and music, others to arts and creativity, some to other sciences – as there are a myriad ways of soul expression.

All in all there were twelve such centers – and over each of these centers there were 12 High Priests and 12 High Priestesses ruling – thus 24 in all.  Each one of these held a key to a certain secret code and only when all were united could the planet stay stable – and the thirteenth held the power sway – usual the most highly ranked High Priest or High Priestess held this key – and mostly this knowledge was never divulged.

In the greater scheme of things these were the pioneers, the first to voluntarily inhabit this planet.  They came from other planets and galaxies and brought with them the technology of these planets – they thus were highly advanced – and in the beginning all worked as one.

The High Priests acted mostly as the administrators and also dealing with practical issues, like governance, and the structures that needed to be put into place.  This meant the building of cities, the social structures and the general well-being of the population of the structural level.  As the male is ever the one who thinks structural he then in fact fulfilled this role and it was the anchoring of such structures that the High Priests in most cases were putting into place and upholding these.


The High Priestesses were the one who acted as TRANSMITTER channels for and to the Divine Source. Always the more sensitive, intuitive and nurturers they then were more focused in the healing arts, with herbs, also the temples of teaching and learning – especially the young.  Soul Readings were done by the High Priestess of the Temple of the White Flame, and those priestesses who worked in close collaboration with her.

The art of astrology was done by the High Priestesses, for instance – who did birth charts for infants being born – and the talents of these souls were immediately identified.

A child was both a soul reading and an astrological chart at birth and this was programmed into a birth crystal from the day it was born, and stayed with the child the rest of this incarnation. It also  had the blueprint of the that soul encoded within it – all the child had to do was tap into this crystal in order to activate its inherent talents, abilities  and then to utilize these to maximum – (as people lived much longer than we do now) and then the cosmic master plan for its life, thus soul mission and purpose!

Population control was of utmost importance and from the beginning people only mated with the intent of having a child – mostly one – and then made sure that this was done in accordance to the law-of-one and in great love.

The sexual energy was used in a totally different way, and in accordance to the Ancient Sacred Sexual Rites.

The High Priests and High Priestesses and those who were trained specifically for this tasks, e.g. Illumined Twin Flames, had very strict rules regarding the ancient sexual rites, which worked with the serpent energies (kundalini) of the Divine Goddess principle, and which then in turned activated certain vortex energy centers on the planet.  However I will not go into details here, although much has been revealed to me, and will only be returned to mankind, when they finally have understood the sexual ENERGY, and the Sacred Fired of God/Goddess which is truly SACRED.

There was plenty and it literally was a time of great harmony and abundance on this planet and thus the whole planet thrived.  It became a beautiful and vibrant place, and beings from other planets were attracted to this jewel in the crown of creation – and this led to her ultimate downfall in the end.

In the beginning all function for the good of the greater whole.  As they knew that all was Divine Energy and that all stemmed from, or came from the same Divine Source, there was a sense of ATONENESS with all and everyone.  This extended to the world around them – from the trees to the humblest creature – the visible and invisible – and thus all lived together in peace.

Wars at that time were unknown and disputes were handled by the Priesthood.  Later, as the planet’s population grew the Royalty then took over some of the governance of the people, as the High Priesthood could not cope with the workload.  Most of those in the royal families intermarried – or brother and sisters married in order to keep the frequencies and vibrations in their inherent DNA and cell structures clear – mostly because of the planet or Galaxy that they came from – bearing in mind that each Galaxy has its own DNA encoded with its own type of vibration.

In the beginning 12 Master Galaxies were involved with the Creation of this planet and it subsequent first settlement.  All who wished to stay on this planet, had to sign a contract that they would partake in an experiment on the planet, and therefore fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Intergalactic Federation of the Great White Flame.

(This is vitally important to understand.  Those of different Galaxy have inherently each got their own codes encoded in their DNA STRANDS BUT ALSO IN THEIR CELL STRUCTURES AS WELL AS MIND, EMOTIONAL AND SOUL BODIES.  Thus the higher evolved the more complicated the structures.  Thus they cannot mix with just anyone – unless there is some manipulation involved.)

Mostly they were a happy and contented people – and as there was plenty and more than enough for all – they had nothing to fight about – so all was well.   At that time they were indeed the children of the Sun God for the central sun of this solar system is a living entity on its own, as is Mother Gaia and through this central sun they were connected to all other galaxies, constellations – and the Divine Energy Source.

However then infiltration happened and calamity struck as the Wars of Heavens spilled over into this Universe and solar System…..

(Excerpt from my book in making:  “Why I was born in Africa – the untold story of planet earth and its most important energy centers, and crystal pyramids)

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