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What is The Event?

The Event will be a Moment of Breakthrough for the Planet which will be in the physical and non physical planes. The Event will Bring The End To All Darkness and Bring With it The Beginning To a New World of Light & Oneness. The Event will End The MATRIX System that has Kept Humanity Enslaved in this Dream Reality. The Event Itself Will Be A Portal of An Enormous Spiritual Awakening So Big That It Will Forever Change Are World. No Human Authority will Decide when this is about to happen. The Final Word when the ‘Event’ is to happen is coming directly from The Source. This is an Event of Cosmic Importance. The Last Planet under the Grip of the Dark forces is about to be Liberated and this is going to send Ripples of Light throughout the Galaxy.


Just before ‘The Event’, The Source will send a pulse of Light What is called the ‘Event Flash’ and is exactly that – a Flash of Divine Energy from the Source, which passes through the Central Sun, and then will be received by the Galactic Confederation {especially Pleiadians} who will in turn give the Intelligence to Lightworkers within The Light Resistance Movement. All of this will happen extremely fast. From the time of the Flash to the Event it will take 15 Minutes! There will be no announcement. There will be no media involved. This will just happen. This will be a complete surprise to everyone not in least to the Cabal. This Can Happen at any time. When it does we will feel a Strong Energy.


In the past 25,000 years we have been inside an Energetic Black Hole, a space time anomaly because of the activities of dark forces. 2012 marked the year that WE EXITED THIS BLACK HOLE & Entered Into the New Age. The moment you exit the black hole, that is known as the, Event Horizon. This is happening right now. We have forgotten what the Light is. It is so much more brilliant and exciting. WE ARE IN THE EVENT HORIZON TIME NOW. The actual day of The Event will be like the sun going up on the first morning – the dawn of a New Golden Age on Gaia.


The Negative groups of people involving – Jesuits, Rothschild’s, Rockefellers’ and Illuminati about 1 – 2000, people will all be removed from power after ‘The Event’. The dark forces will be captured and taken from power. After the Event, members of the Cabal, who do not step down gracefully will be taken into custody. An Adjudication process will then start and this will ‘involve’ humanity as a whole. It will be a mass catharsis and dramatic healing process for humanity to see these fearful, deluded, souls finally being held accountable for their actions.


We know now that The Event is so close because the Matrix has already collapsed, meaning The Dream can no longer sustain itself and The Event Will bring an End To This Slavery System. So any Lightworker can now speed things up with their continued effort in daily meditation to ‘see’ and support the Light Forces on the etheric, astral planes leading the dark entities to The Light.


There are Numerous Divine Ascended Masters, Arch-Angels, Highly Advanced Star Races & Confederation Alliances involved with these changes and supporting Humanity through The Event & Liberation Of The Planet. Below our feet we have the entire Resistance Movement Light Group of approximately 20 million humanoid Galactic family beings. These Beings are like their associates/friends in the inner Agarthan civilization 5th Dimensional and Higher beings. Our planet and Solar System is surrounded by millions of Lightships belonging to the Galactic Confederation and they along with the support of the Angelic Beings of the Central Civilization near our Galactic Central Sun are making sure that the powerful energy being transmitted to us from Source via the Galactic Central Sun is stabilized and safe for us. The build-up of this Compression of Light/Love energy on the surface of Gaia along with the efforts of many thousands of surface Lightworkers is day by day creating a renewal and purification of our Crystalline Light Grid around this planet and Helping with the Disintegration of the Veil/Web/Matrix/Net/ within which we have all been imprisoned for thousands of years.


Starting from the day of The Event this entire planet will be anchored dimensionally in the 4th~5th dimension. Shortly after The Event there will be ample possibilities / opportunities available for anyone who chooses to actively participate in their spiritual development and prepare for a process of ascension at a rate that suits them perfectly. The vast majority of people living on Gaia will be functioning / anchored in the upper 4th dimensional and  5th dimensional level.


No More Fear

No More Wars 

No More Homeless People

No More Starvation & Poverty



The Release of 500-1000 Trillion DOLLARS World Wide



Police Force Restructured

New Advanced Health System

New Advanced Education System

New Advanced Technology

All Dessies & Viruses Cured 

New Inventions & Projects of Every Kind Released Worldwide


The True History of our Planet revealed

Disclosure of Alien Civilizations & Are Galactic Connections

Gaia- Our Beloved Mother Planet Purified

 Family of Light


The Event Can Happen at Anytime or Moment NO One Can Know The Date & Time Only God & Source. We as Light Workers, Light Warriors & Starseeds Have An Obligation & Mission To HELP Bring The Event Into Effect. One Way We Can Help to Speed this Process Up is with Planetary Liberation MEDITATIONS WORLD WIDE Every Day On Sunday at the Same Time AROUND The World. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event closer to us:

Link to Time Zones and how to do The Liberation Planetary Meditation

There is Also an Special EVENT MEDITATION ON 2015-11-21

This Is Very important because This will HELP To Speed Up The Event. WE Need 144,000 Participants to Give us the Full Co-Collective Consciousness Change that Can HELP To Bring The Event. Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will help to activate the Plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our Activation on that Day is our Declaration of Victory of the Light. Make this Viral! Share it Worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs.

Link To Information on The Event Liberation Meditation On November 21 2015

We will be doing this meditation on Saturday, November 21th at 9:12 pm Central European Time (CET). This equals 10:12 pm EET in Cairo, 8:12 pm GMT in London, 3:12 pm EST in New York, 2:12 pm CST in Chicago, 1:12 pm MST in Denver and 12:12 pm PST in Los Angeles, and 4:12 am CST on Sunday, November 22nd in Taipei.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

A Facebook event has been created for this meditation:

You can also sign a petition to support our meditation:

Youtube videos have been created in many languages.

English Video

Also Links to More Info On THE EVENT & How To Prepare For The Event at

Be In Light 

Be In Love 

Be In Oneness


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