The Event – at Last?

Alternative News / Thursday, August 6th, 2015

The Event


We’ve been hearing about the coming ‘Event’ for a few years now. It may finally be VERY NEAR to happening – one of the huge paradigm-busting plans to be executed over the next 2-3 months. Following are a few sources I’ve jammed into one post to keep it together.

You of course decide if it speaks to you, or if it is share-worthy with others! I personally feel if it IS finally upon us, it would be great to not be totally blind-sided when the world turns inside-out – when Truth at last prevails.

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“Our strategy now is to allow the organizations of fear to continue to dominate in appearance while we subtly drain away the source of their power – the fear of the people. This will make their final banishment less traumatic for the human family as a whole, for by then, the numbers of those who believe in them will have greatly diminished.”    Return of the Bird Tribes, by Ken Carey, 1988

Carey’s material (the Bird Tribe messages) cited 25 years from then as the activation period for these changes.

A Brief Summary of Key Points

(Note from the author of this piece:  In order to maximize the usefulness of this article, I’ve included a series of points which paraphrase key ideas. These are the concepts I want others to take away from reading this, and if you forget everything else, that’s OK. Keep what is needed and let the rest fall away.)

  • The EVENT will be the culmination of a massive structure of dominoes which have been created over the last decades. Even though the set-up took a painstakingly long time, the actual process of the dominoes falling will occur comparatively in the ‘blink of an eye’.
  • No matter how simple or complex your personal plans are, always remember the need for adaptability. Your mind and heart are your greatest tools; be creative, compassionate and inspirational – then encourage others to do the same at key moments.
  • Even if you are not an expert regarding how critical functions occur (think electrical grid maintenance), make it clear that your intentions are positive and ask others with expertise to think foremost of what will help the largest amount of people quickly without harming others. One can be criticized for erroneous logic and understanding, but a pure heart with positive intention will almost always be respected and garner the attention of key leaders.
  • Believe in yourself, and know that YOU can do this. There will be assistance offered from unseen allies, so let go of your fears. Acknowledge that you do not have all the answers, but implore local leaders to ‘do the right thing’. Having the right intention and understanding yourself is far greater than simply memorizing hundreds of thousands of details. It is up to the local leaders to rely on existing emergency procedures and mobilize off-duty personnel; your most important task is to inspire them to do so out of love and responsibility to their fellow humans.

Over the weekend of July 11-12, developments within the Eurozone regarding the now-viral term “Grexit” have made it quite obvious that some history-making changes will be happening in the near future regarding the financial system. Many things are pointing toward this fall – and even if nothing happens this year, the system is being held together by band-aids as the supply of duct tape ran out in early 2015.

Intuitively, we all know what this means. The EVENT is no longer this mythical happening way off in the future. It’s coming – and it may very well occur in a manner no one is expecting. It’s essentially an elaborate setup of dominoes where everything has to fall ‘just right’… and as you can see in the video at the 1:06 mark (The Guardian video link above), hiccups can still happen.

Some of you reading this may be volunteers in disseminating information and easing the strain of local governments and civic leaders who will be confused and bewildered by the stunning speed of developments. I plan to be one of those people, and the video is a good allegory as to how careful it will be to monitor events so that everything can proceed smoothly.

This doesn’t necessarily mean one has to have all of the answers – can any person really claim to know everything that is going on and the order in which information will be released? It will be a dynamically evolving situation, and certain tactics may need to be scrapped and others implemented on the fly. Hence, it is wise to consider the entire situation not as a solid unchanging object, but rather as a fluid in which many millions of people are working to ensure the liquid flows where it is most needed.

I’ve published a few articles over the past year which I hope are useful and relevant for others regarding their own EVENT preparation. However, I’ve probably written 10x that amount which is unpublished due to my recognizing the futility of trying to plan every last detail. Recently, I’ve been taking a step back and trying to assess collectively any articles, literature and websites which contain useful information.

During the reassessment, I’ve seen that adaptability is possibly the most important trait of anyone’s personal plan regarding what will happen in those first days after the financial system is shut down. This means the most important tools at one’s disposal are one’s mind and one’s heart. Hence, the first thing that needs to be prepared for the EVENT is YOU!

Get Your Head & Heart Right for the Coming Changes; See Your Chosen Mission as Being Successful.

I treat the mind and the heart as a system. While the brain is functions as the CPU, the heart is the engine that keeps everything running. This is true literally from the aspect of keeping oneself alive, but also from the aspect of using one’s intuition and inner guidance to determine the most appropriate course of action in critical moments.

In a tense situation, when the brain may ‘lock up’ because it does not know how to process information as quickly as possible, one’s heart becomes your greatest ally. If deep down you KNOW that you WANT to help others, you will be able to most effectively help others during a period of chaotic change.

This means not only knowing yourself to the greatest degree possible, but also being willing to explicitly communicate to others what your motives and agenda are in those crucial moments.

It is not possible for one person to have all the necessary skills, knowledge, networks, and expertise to accomplish the practical steps which will be required to maintain calm on a global scale. But one person can inspire others – especially when in direct personal contact – to dig deep and do their best in a period where it is truly needed.

Make it clear that your intentions are positive, and ask others to do the same. If a critical mass of key individuals are all working toward the same goals – helping others, minimizing social unrest, ensuring that life-saving supplies are distributed efficiently and effectively – there is no doubt in my mind that we can be successful in making the EVENT happen and become a positive change for humanity going forward.

This is about us as a species ‘growing up’ and learning to take responsibility for our collective well-being. This process starts inside – at the very core of our ‘beingness’. Each of us who has taken up the challenge of informing others and spreading calm must believe deep inside that we can do this, and that we will be able to manifest the necessary circumstances to get through those difficult first steps into a new reality. If we believe and trust in ourselves, we will be inspirations to others – key leaders will be encouraged to do their best and to not worry about the uncertainty of the future, but to worry about their fellow humans today – in those moments when the everything finally starts happening.

What is The Event ?

The Event is the day of mass arrests of the worldwide criminal cabal: corrupted politicians, big bankers, etc, done in a legal way, and synchronized with a worldwide financial reset. This has been organized from the inside by certain members of government and military agencies, who started a resistance movement against this criminal cabal. They have observed the repeated crimes against humanity, animals and ecosystems via, among other things, unjustified wars and unnecessary pollutions.

They have observed the artificial poverty created worldwide created by suppressing solutions and cheating the whole financial system worldwide. Banks have been creating fake money, lending it to governments and more than 90% of our taxes has been given to these private banks, while their loans were fictive, nothing but numbers in a computer or pieces of paper based on no real value, while we have been giving them actual real value for it, the product of our work.

Thanks to this generalized financial cheating, our governments and media have been constantly bought and corrupted. Advanced green technologies have been suppressed. And countless other crimes have been committed in order to maintain this system in place.

It’s time to say no, it’s time to say stop.

These criminals are going to be arrested according to legal procedures, and fair trial will be given to them. Mass media will be released and they will finally be able to relay the truth. They will share many undeniable proofs of what has really been going on.

And finally human society will be able to restart on healthy grounds. Our financial system will be restructured, fictive debts cancelled, and a new system will be put in place based on real value, which will drastically raise quality of life for all humans on the planet.

True humanitarian projects will be put in place on a mass scale to correct all consequences of all crimes committed around the planet. Many previously suppressed technologies will finally be distributed. Some of them are likely to surprise many people. Imagine, if only 20 years ago, you would have been told that you can communicate instantly all around the world, stock all the music, movies and books you want, all with one wireless device the size of a small book. Many would not have believed it.

Most education programs have been manipulated voluntarily to suppress the truth. This process is well known, just take a look at history books from the 50s or 60s. This process has not stopped, it has been going on to this day. For example, physics taught in universities are more than 100 years old, they mostly ignore quantum physics, and some laws of physics have been taught in manipulated ways to misguide people, which was necessary to suppress certain advanced technologies.

Similar manipulations have been going on in all aspects of our society. Therefore there will be huge restructuration work needed. Banks will be closed for a few days to a few weeks, and then they will re-open with people’s money still in the banks, with extra money re-distributed to all. A huge re-education process will start based on solid proofs or the actual truth. Ecosystems will be healed thanks to community efforts and advanced technologies. Every human will have their basic needs guaranteed, and freedom to create, enterprise, and travel freely.

The date of this Event can not be predicted. There are many factors and groups involved, and many pieces of information have to remain secret during the process in order to maintain the security of people involved. All we can say is, we are pretty close. This is why an information network is being put in place so we can be ready.

Liberation is near!


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