The Effects Of The 5D Overlay ~ James Gilliland

Ascension, Galactics / Thursday, April 25th, 2013 April 24 2013

Many have prayed that the pain, suffering, lack and tyranny come to an end. They pray that the tyrants in their insatiable soulless lust for power and wealth learn their lessons and come to the realization of unity consciousness. Many pray that they awaken to the immutable law, “What we do to others and nature we do to ourselves.” Many pray that the reaction to their actions, karma comes swiftly and everything comes to the light.

Your prayers are being answered yet you must understand the process. Armageddon is the great uncovering where no rock is left unturned. Nothing shall remain hidden and the nefarious acts of the unconscious, the war and disease profiteers and those who serve them will come to light along with the consequences of their choices and actions. It is universal law and there is a quickening in this arena. It is as if God is pressing hard on the Earth, all humanity and the entire solar system.

When I say God I do not mean any of the deities of man, or ancient ancestors who obtained enlightenment. I am referring to a consciousness and energy that permeates all life, the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The Absolute. This grand awakening is also due to natural cycles, planetary, sun and the alignment with Galactic plane.

Is there a plan within the Absolute? Are there grand players in this fast unfolding drama? Is this going to affect every individual and the collective all humanity? The answer is yes.

Does Nature play a major role in this as well as the Nature Spirits? Do the Angelic Guides, Ascended Masters, spiritually and technologically advanced Off Worlders, Ultradimensionals have a role to play? Of course whether you believe in them or not they exist in and of themselves.

How can one best navigate these changes, be in proper alignment with these new energies, make the obvious shift the Earth has chosen, which is to ascend to the next level? The answer is quite simple. It is so simple most miss it.

Be kind to each other. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Live in harmony with each other and nature. Most important – pay attention. It is also important now more than ever to clean up your messes. Be aware of your choices and actions as well as who is making them.

This 3D world is ending. The wrath of the tyrants along with their lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and nature is coming to a close. The dark hearts and the dark forces they serve are under fire. And, if you haven’t noticed there is a war going on in the heavens and now on Earth.

As above so below. The archon network designed to enslave you – keep you focused on the external rather than the internal – is unraveling. People are waking up. For those who do not know what the archon network is it is a network of evil that has fooled many into believing it does not even exist. There are regenerate discarnate spirits, ETs and some other very dark entities that comprise this network. Many are doing its bidding consciously and unconsciously.

If you think the various forms of leadership are not under its influence I have to ask why are there so many wars, so many diseases, so many homeless, so many without food, fresh water the basics? Reason this. Don’t turn a blind eye to it. Why, when you turn on the news, all you see is violence under constant bombardment of fear, insecurity, “you need us to make you safe” messages? Who is capitalizing on all the wars, diseases, and the mayhem? Those in charge of your external security have to stay in business and how better than to stage events to keep the funding flowing?

Have you become completely distracted from your seat of power, the God within? How externalized has your consciousness become and how can focusing on the external bring you peace, security knowing this 3D Matrix is coming to a close? I am not saying to ignore it altogether. You have a physical body, a personality, and are a multidimensional spirit. Yet who is driving your vehicle? Do you want to continue in the 3D archon matrix or direct your energies towards a new way, a new life in harmony with each other and nature? If you are focused on your body, your outer appearances, acceptance and approval outside of self, social consciousness and the mainstream media you are in for a very rude awakening.

There shall come a day when the grid goes down, your plastic card won’t work, you won’t have access to the beauty parlor or the latest fashion, your big screen will go blank, your muscle car will run out of gas and everything you depended upon externally for self worth will fall asunder. All indicators are pointing to an economic collapse. What will be of value then?

Do you have your gardens in, food stored, access to fresh water, friends you can trust? Is this fear porn or common sense? The social and economic changes are well underway. The loss of freedom, injustice, false flags, heavy-handed tyranny, massive private armies, bank collapses, austerity measures, all are indicators. The physical Earth changes will exponentially increase as well.

Your planet is growing, expanding, taking on these new energies to her very core. She is evolving, moving to the next level, and those who are not paying attention, those who are not evolving with her will not be able to continue on Earth for they will not be frequency specific.

There are those who are doing everything possible to stop this evolutionary process. They are creating as much pain, suffering and mayhem as possible. Why? Because their world is coming to a close and they think they can hold down the frequencies, the ascension to the next level through human consciousness, by further enslavement, creating as much pain suffering and chaos as possible. This includes warring on Nature herself.

There is a war going on between the white hats and the dark hearts. There are still those who believe in God given rights and freedom. There are those who are honoring their oaths to protect the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic as well as the people. The people need to get behind them ASAP.

There are those who serve the corporations, the archons who believe otherwise and care nothing of your freedom and well being. This is all coming to the surface. There will be a clashing of arms and spirits. There will be those exposing these nefarious acts of the dark hearts and people responsible for them as well as those trying to cover it all up.

You are going to have to pay close attention in the days to come. Do not believe the official story, do your own research. Find alternative news sources and most important start living a life in alignment with universal law. Work towards Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Honor the sacred circle of life the Creator in all Creation. It is really that simple. As we said earlier be kind and live in harmony with each other and Nature. Surround yourself with friends of like mind. Though you have your biological family if they are dysfunctional create your spiritual families. Support each other through this process.

Remember being a Christ does not mean being a doormat. Sometimes tough love is necessary, setting boundaries, speaking out without fear, telling people what they need to hear not what they want to hear is now a priority.

It is time to release the past, create your future and do it consciously, developing your own inner guidance without succumbing to the lame stream media to tell you what is next. They will be broadcasting their hypnotic delusion the archon programming right up to the moment the screen goes black. Nothing to see here folks. Keep shopping. The status quo must continue. Not. It is unsustainable, cannot continue considering the new frequencies and Earth’s ascension sponsored by the big cheese, the Source itself, along with the beautiful many Masters, Saints, Sages and yes this includes the Star Nations.

The old world is crumbling and yes I know the ego of many will dispel this message and defend their world in complete denial be-lie-ving everything will continue business as usual. That is the message of the archons. Those who align with it for security reasons will find it to be their greatest insecurity in the future. Why? Because this 3D reality and the archon network has no future. It is totally out of alignment with universal law and not frequency specific to Earth’s evolution. The very ground you stand on, the one thing most can depend on is moving; increasingly becoming not as solid as one thought.

Pay attention. Go within. Live in harmony with each other and nature. Develop your own inner guidance. That is the only security.

Be well,

James Gilliland



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