The Divine Qualities of a New Paradigm – Part 3/3 ~ Wes Annac

Ascension / Saturday, January 11th, 2014


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 2

Archangel Michael tells us about the evolutionary “jump” we make when we express the divine qualities.

“As you are embracing the divine qualities, as you are living the divine qualities, that automatically jumps you in your own evolutionary track back to the light.” (1)

Then, through Celia Fenn, he advises us that “there is a deep desire for Peace, Community and Freedom, that is manifesting now on the Earth. The work that was done in the past on the Higher Levels to create Peace and Harmony is now beginning to manifest into Physical Form as change on the Earth.” (2)

The desire for world peace is much stronger than it was in the 60s, and more people than ever are rising up to proclaim our dissatisfaction with the divisive manner in which our planet functions. We’re ready to end the bloody and unproductive wars that feed violence and devastation, and we’re ready to live in peaceful joy – our natural state.

Soon, the entire planet will be ready to consciously align with the divine qualities, and the collective vibration could rise rapidly as a result. Even though our evolution is steady, the rapid shifts we experience could elevate the collective vibration and propel us toward a new paradigm.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelly Young tells us about some of the qualities we’ll express in a new paradigm, and reminds us that we’re respected and loved for our expression of them so far.

“Moving forward you will enjoy the energies of transparency, truth, unity, community, ease, grace, flow, acceptance, allowing, joy and unconditional love. All of these are traits of the New Earth you are creating, and for that you are honoured and you are loved and you are celebrated.” (3)

Those of us who act on the qualities mentioned in this quote will benefit immensely, and a growing force for change is being created out of a desire in the minds and hearts of each person to be and experience something different; something freer.

Deep down, we all want to be free from the chains of self-oppression, and we’re the only ones stopping us from welcoming a new way of living and affecting others in a big way.

We have the power to tear down our ego-driven barriers and live a life of complete bliss and harmony, and if we recognize that we don’t have to impede our own progress any longer, we can welcome every aspect of the divine back into our lives.

Here, we examined the idea that living and being the divinity we advocate is not only important to our building of a new paradigm, but actually helps us do so in a flowing way. The manner in which we express ourselves is obviously important to the vibration we give out, and expressing the divine qualities will provide innumerable personal and collective benefits.

We examined material from a few contemporary channeled sources who encouraged our development of the divine qualities and reminded us of the support we’re being given, and in my opinion, we can all open up to that support within.

Even if channeling or connecting with a certain defined guide isn’t for you, you’re encouraged to explore a deeper connection with a greater facet of yourself. Connecting with the higher self is liberating, and a wealth of helpful information can be brought into this reality if the effort is made to receive it.

The point of this series is to encourage you to express the divine qualities and spread the good vibes we’ve started to access. Our goal is collective peace, harmony and sustainability, and even though we experience a great deal of war and devastation right now, we can change this by changing our vibration.

It starts with each of us, and our power to change things for the better is much stronger than we think. With that said, we can now get to work, in peace and joy.


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