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Atoms are the individual units of life that the human body is made up of, all atoms are fundamental to the existence of element life form and cellular life form.

Before we continue we must ask ourselves what is an atom? atoms have a nucleus made of protons and neutrons with orbiting electrons around the nucleus, these atoms combine together to create formations to become elements determined by the electromagnetic codes (reactant) from the chemical bonds are responsible for forming all types of elements.

      atom life


1. Atoms condense from electromagnetic energy, The unified field.

2. The atom is the basic unit of life not cells.

 3. Life is any matter made of atoms, Life is all four states plasma. gas. solid and liquid , all matter created from atoms is life form.

Basic chemical hypothesis first emerged in classical Greece with the theory of the four elements stating that fire-plasma, air-gas, earth-solid and water-liquid were the fundamental elements which everything was formed as a combination, this hypothesis is now confirmed by this research.

The four element group simply describes element behavior variations or states at different temperatures.

4. Similar to cells having organelles , Specialized information within the cell chromosomes “codes” that contain genetic information, hair color eye color.

Atoms also have special electromagnetic codes, “Atomic organelles” or (conscious electromagnetic data stream) C.E.D.S. the introduction of coded data for the atoms to organize into elements, it also programs what kind of element to produce.

This is a big deal, this is what alchemists have been trying to discover for a thousand years, how to turn lead into gold, this case instruct atoms to form gold molecules, as I am already aware gold is life form a crystal and you can just grow it.

  Gold crystal life form

                                    gold crystal

THE GOD PARTICLE IS LIFE  (the search for what gives mass gravity)

The creation of life within the atom also introduces gravity to all matter made of atoms, the atom is bound electrical energy, orbiting electrons in a shell.

atoms have incredible forces of electronuclear strong and weak forces and electromagnetism / Gravity is not one of four forces within an atom but a generated byproduct of these three combined forces, a minor electrostatic attraction towards the earth.

(moving electrons produce electromagnetic fields)  atoms are moving electrons by definition.


Just as cells replicate atoms must also replicate, so how do atoms replicate?

Atoms are condensed energy, The mechanism for condensing energy into atoms is conscious intention.

consciousness is the electromagnetic field that converts a wave into a particle.

The Copenhagen interpretation concluded that consciousness can collapse the wave function, change a wave into a particle other wise known as an atom. (see the double slit experiments)

matter converts into energy and energy converts into matter.

Albert Einstein

Life form converts into energy, and energy converts into life form with gravity and consciousness.

we are conscious beings in a electrocellular body .

Ron Alvarez

atom sourceatom source 2

This conscious intention is emanating from electromagnetism originating from the unified field.

Collapse of the atoms converts matter back into the energy state, an example of an atom collapse is wood burning (matter reverting back to the energy state), fire,heat, uv rays, lasers are but a few ways that modify or collapses the atom resulting in collapse of matter transitioning back to an energy state or a different state of matter.

Death of cellular material, old age and entropy are also examples of atom deterioration and collapse.

Atoms being life form have a life expectancy, a general amount of “time” to be productive , you can think of this as a general expiration date or biological life dying of old age.


The valence shell model, Rutherford bohr model and the cloud model describes the atoms physical motions and i don’t have an issue with those models as an approximation, a detailed model will reveal itself in time with new imaging methods becoming available.

The revelation that the atom is fundamental life form and considered alive introduces new manifestations emanating from within the atom that must be included and acknowledged in the model to be complete.

1. The atom is alive fundamental life form, the components that make up life and the official definition is:  energy, animation, conscious electromagnetic data stream C.E.D.S. with the ability to create or participate in making more life form.

2. The atom is the source or origin of the gravitational field, gravity manifests from life.

3. The atom is created from condensed energy from the unified field, electromagnetic / conscious phenomena.

The mechanism to transform energy to matter is conscious intention within the unified field condensing protons and neutrons to form a nucleus of condensed energy from which electrons condense and orbit the nuclei.

4. The realization that the atom is life form, is the missing piece that unifies Quantum physics SR (conscious electromagnet data stream) with classical physics GR (elements and cellular matter).

This would define the realm of quantum mechanics as conscious electromagnetic data stream, the study of consciousness within the electric realm of electricity, electrons, electromagnetism, electrostatic fields and the weak and strong nuclear force.

5. The atom is the conduit that conveys conscious electromagnetic data stream CEDS through chemical bonds and DNA and to activate replication process of cell division.

6. The atom introduces consciousness to all atomic matter, plasma, gas, liquid and solid this model suggests that all states of matter is considered alive and conscious.

 There is no such thing as an inanimate object, all atoms have motion by definition.  ( energy and animation , orbiting electrons)

7. The relization that the photon makes up the unified field wave that  condences  the wave function into a “particle” or atom is the missing understanding of how matter manifests from energy.


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