The anger we feel is real … ~ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, May 28th, 2018


…”The anger we feel is real, there is no need to suppress that on along the spiritual journey, for one cannot witness their own unconsciousness, until we face the inner shadow through our own daily process of self reflecting! Yes people in our lives could have done better, or we may feel things should have gone our way, whatever it is that brings up the anger is as terrible as we say. But it’s still an option if we suffer, it’s not an option if we cling to our past, for we all know that we cannot change it no matter how hard we imagine. But as ever evolving spirits we can learn from it, transcend through the lessons that the Universe give us, and carry our empowered heart into the unwritten future. As they say, don’t get caught up living life looking in the rear view mirror, our destination lies ahead of us, and our focused awareness is required in order to reach IT. People come and go in our lives, those we love and those we hate, never forget the golden core teaching of those like the Buddha, and that is if you cling you will suffer! Don’t get caught up with the passing scenery as we journey down the path of our dreams and memories, accept it for whatever it may be just like our nightly dreams and nightmares unfold before us every evening. For even the ancients told us long ago that even hell is but a passing moment, as the journey to heaven first begins with a journey through hell. There is no pride in being lost in darkness, don’t be afraid to look for a lighthouse during your darkest moments, for that inner reset can allow us to find our bearings and return to us to our heart balanced center along this unfolding journey!” ~Alistar Valadez

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