Techniques for Listening to Powerful Inner Sounds ~ Jill Mattson

Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, March 8th, 2014



Origin described hearing as a “readiness of the soul towards God”.


“True inner hearing has not been perfected until one can hear the sounds in a seed, in a leaf…When one unites with the ‘archetone’, giving life to all forms, he unites with the cosmic music of the universe. Finally, one unites with the tone of his own direct star from whence he came”.

“It is not a fairy tale that the saints used to speak with the trees and plants. You can speak with them today if you are in communication. Man has the same privilege today, if he realizes that he is privileged”.

“Upon the wings of sound, the way of higher evolution is traveled”.

“At first only the light works, but when one goes deeper into creation there is sound. When one is face to face with spirit, what is first expressed is the light or what one first responds to is light; and what one responds to next, and what touches one deeper, is sound”.

“While information and knowledge, the fruits of pursuing the light, provide relative peace and spiritual progress, they pale in comparison to the higher God attributes of truth, love, wisdom and freedom and power which the awakened Sound Current imbued within the sincere seeker of truth”….”These attributes are alivened by bathing in the audible Life Stream”.

“Sound is a tremendous occult (meaning hidden) power. It is such a stupendous force that the electricity generated by a million Niagara Falls could never counteract even the smallest potentiality of sound when directed by proper knowledge”.

“For there is nothing in this world that can help one spiritually more than music. Meditation prepares, but music is the highest for touching perfection”.

“Since the difference between one dimension and another is its rate of vibration, the key to the transformation of the spirit lies within the music”.

“There is a time to rend and a time to sew, a time to keep silence and a time to speak”.

Pythagorus and Plato said that the nature of the soul is sound.


“The person who has found the keynote of his own voice, has found the key of his own life”.

To hear our signature sounds, focus attention on a sound that is nearby. Next, adjust your hearing to listen to a sound that is far away. Continue changing your listening focus, going back and forth. This eventually creates a high pitched sound, similar to a ringing sound in our ears. This is our personal sound. This sound feeds our bodies and energies, improving the coherence of our voice.

Another way to access your signature sounds is to plug your ears and then listen carefully to subtle internal sounds. Find whatever means works best to block out extraneous sounds – use earplugs or place a pillow over the ears.  All that matters is that outside sound is effectively blocked out and that you are comfortable and able to concentrate.

Many sit quietly in meditation for quite some time before they perceive these subtle sounds. Perhaps as their focus improves and their skill of paying attention to very slight sounds increases, they begin to hear their nervous or circulatory systems, their heartbeat, or other unique sounds like the sound of a harp.

While in a meditative state, pretend that you have sounds in your ears, like tinnitus. Trust your imagination and listen for extremely soft, subtle and high-pitched sounds. It may be mechanical sounding, like a ringing in your ears, or sound like nature…like the ocean, crickets or rain. As you focus on this sound, it becomes louder. Move into the sounds in your thoughts. Close your eyes and move into it. Allow it to come around you like a cloak. There may be several frequencies involved. Try to hear more details of the sounds. Can you hear several sounds combining? Can you separate the sounds coming from each ear? Is there a variance of timber or volume of the sounds coming from each ear?

Over time I found that these subtle sounds morphed. What began sounding like a cricket ended up ten minutes later resembling the sound of the ocean. I also went through periods of many months when I only heard crickets and then suddenly my internal sounds were similar to the howling of the wind.

When we screen out interference and distractions we amplify our subtle inner sounds. In contrast, when we ignore these subtleties, they fade into the background and go away. To benefit from this gift, we must give it our deepest attention. We are a part of the miracle!



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