The Template Ceremonies ~ Codes 1+2

Spiritual Perspectives

Recommended to view Code 1 prior to viewing Code 2 The Template ~~ The Ceremony of Original Innocence ~~ CODE 1 The Template ~~A Holonomic Model Of Transcendence ~~ CODE 2 Ceremony Of Synthesis – The reconnection of the 13th Circuit – Preparing the Pranic Causeway The 13th Circuit connects into the Occiput, where the […]


Solar Seed 2013

Ascension, Galactics

Communion with Divine Consciousness flows through our understanding of cosmic order. Our Sun is the ultimate form of holistic Consciousness, the gateway to the heart of the cosmic hologram. As we have now passed through the 2012 solstice portal into a new era our challenge is to translate and embody the Source code embedded in […]