Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch Jan 18-19, 2013

Earth Changes

Published on Dec 30, 2012 Three Alignments (Earth-Sun-Mercury), (Venus-Sun-Jupiter) and (Neptune-Mars-Sun) fall during this time-frame with an added influence involving the Asteroid Ceres indicate a potential for a 7 Magnitude earthquake in the Southern Hemisphere mapped to the South Pacific Ocean. Areas mapped with coronal hole symmetry are: Kermadec Islands Region, South Of Fiji or […]


Solar Ascension: The Shift to a 5D Sun ~ Peter Borys Jr.

Ascension, Earth Changes

We often talk about the Dimensional Shift to a 5D Earth, and the human ascension process to a higher dimensional consciousness in Divine Unity.  However, we rarely find discussion of the dynamics of the Sun’s transformation process and transition into the fifth dimension. The indigenous cultures such as the Maya, Hopi, and Aztec have described […]