Love is the True Self as Soul-Body

Spiritual Perspectives

  The whole human journey of awakening is about emanating love.  Our sole purpose as incarnated souls is to be love, love, and receive love.  Thus, the entire journey of higher consciousness is only about love.  In being love, we emanate the Divine essence and energy. In describing the shift in consciousness, as well as […]


Divine Awareness through Interior Resonance

Spiritual Perspectives

  art by Cameron Gray In the journey of awakening and transforming to our true being as a Divine soul emanating as a Divine physical body, we progressively generate the Divine harmonic frequency from our unique aspect of infinite unity consciousness. Our Divine soul exists infinitely and is experiencing the unity with all through points […]


The Divine Life on Earth ~ Peter N. Borys, Jr.

Spiritual Perspectives

art by AndroidJones For many thousands of years, humanity has experienced life on Earth in a duality/polarity consciousness that is a dense frequency restriction of consciousness as physical matter.  It is a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation.  It operates as a conditioning within humanity through the thinking mind and a narrow range of […]


The Shifting Frequency of the Dimensional Hologram


art by Tatiana Plakhova Life in the dimensional realms of the universe is the experience of the Divine as consciousness through energy and matter.  The Divine intelligence is organizing at varying frequencies and sequences along an infinite continuum.  All energy and matter is emanating at specific frequencies of density that are manifestations of consciousness.  We […]


Transforming in Heart Consciousness ~ Peter Borys Jr’s


From the perspective of the thinking mind through the left brain, the process of transforming from one frequency to another is a paradox.  With the thinking mind, we perceive that we must change by identifying a belief, emotional encoding, or activity we do not like.  Once identified, the concept is to “change” it by working […]


Awakening the Light Within ~ Peter N. Borys, Jr.


  In order to awaken to our true self of infinite Divine consciousness, we must relinquish the conditioning of the disharmonic frequencies of our consciousness that is the operation of mind as thought and emotion.  This is the thinking mind and emotional energy system that is within both the conscious and unconscious levels of mind.  […]


Solar Ascension: The Shift to a 5D Sun ~ Peter Borys Jr.

Ascension, Earth Changes

We often talk about the Dimensional Shift to a 5D Earth, and the human ascension process to a higher dimensional consciousness in Divine Unity.  However, we rarely find discussion of the dynamics of the Sun’s transformation process and transition into the fifth dimension. The indigenous cultures such as the Maya, Hopi, and Aztec have described […]