Antigravity: Electrogravitics and Field Propulsion

New Science

  Starburst research has advanced our understanding of the physics behind electrogravitics and other propellentless field propulsion technologies which makes possible the design of advanced aerospace propulsion technologies that could radically change our future means of travel. Imagine flying from New York to Sydney, Australia in 15 minutes or traveling to Mars in 5 days. […]


Dr. Paul LaViolette’s Galactic SuperWave Theory

Ancient Science

  July 29, 2015 by DEUS NEXUS   While Dr. Paul LaViolette’s research started out as doom & gloom predictions of doomsday cataclysm, various world religions, mystery schools, spiritual channels, extraterrestrial contact, and the traditions of indigenous peoples all point to an end time of ascension, global transformation, and humanity’s rebirth into a higher plane of existence. Even fringe science […]


Paul LaViolette – Pulsars and 2012

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LaViolette on Pulsars Background The original discoverers of pulsar signals, Jocelyn Bell and Anthony Hewish of Cambridge University, thought at first that they might be observing artifacts of some extraterrestrial civilization (Sturrock and Rockefeller, 2000). But a more acceptable if tentative explanation was soon found: the signals might be emanating from white dwarf stars that […]


Galactic Superwaves ∞ Paul LaViolette

New Science

Galactic Superwaves & Ice Ages & Catastrophe & 2012 an Interview with amazing physisist Paul LaViolette Paul LaViolette author of ‘Earth Under Fire’, ‘Decoding the Message of the Pulsars’ & ‘Subquantum Kinetics’ he has had 14 completely new hypothesis verified by observation .


Paul LaViolette

Books, Recommended

“Genesis of the Cosmos”   Recent developments in theoretical physics, including systems theory and chaos theory, are challenging long-held mechanistic views of the universe. Many thinkers have speculated that the remnants of an ancient science survive today in mythology and esoteric lore, but until now the scientific basis for this belief has remained cloaked in […]