Maurice Cotterell – Hour 1 – Anti-gravity Radiation & Molecular Disintegration of Matter

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Author, engineer and scientist Maurice Cotterell returns to discuss Judy Wood’s proposal that the twin-towers were destroyed through a process she calls “dustification.” She goes on to suggest that the U.S. Government must have used a “secret energy weapon.” In Maurice’s book FutureScience he explains how anti-gravity radiation causes molecular disintegration of matter, which he […]


[2013] Dispelling the myths about 2012 ~~ Maurice Cotterell

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Part 1 Myth number 1; It is said that the Maya measured time using a ‘vigesimal numerical system’; The Maya used the following periods of time with which to measure time intervals; Kinchilitun  1,152,000,000 Calabtun  57,600,000 Pictun  2,880,000 Baktun  144,000 Katun  7,200 Tun  360 Uinal  20 Kin  1 This is not a Vigesimal System. A Vigesimal system […]


Maurice Cotterell: Future Science, The Cycles of the Sun & 2012

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Further insights from Maurice and about topics addressed are available in play lists on this and my other channel: and video responses. Mirrored: “Author, Engineer and Scientist, Maurice Cotterell will discuss his latest book, FutureScience. FutureScience explains several topics such as how electricity and magnetism work together to produce the force of gravity, […]