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By JC Collins


Update:  Jay over at Jay’s Analysis has expanded on the idea formulated here in a way that only he could.  For those seeking a deeper understanding of this concept, and much more, I would seriously suggest reading his post titled Plato, Crystals, Dimensions and Artificial Intelligence.  It may remind some readers of our comparison between prisms and the force we reference as Lucifer, with Lucifer representing “knowledge corrupted” in the material world.  – JC

In this post we will branch out from straight economics and delve into an area of study which can help broaden our understanding of the bigger picture. There are many patterns and processes taking place around us everyday and most go unnoticed by the masses.  What we consider to be entertainment and technology meant to benefit us, are really cleverly disguised methods of data pooling and trending for a purpose which may not be easily understood or accepted.

It is well considered and acknowledged that the disorganized masses are subjected to a method of mass communication which attempts to condition and engineer the socioeconomic and cultural memes that litter the collective consciousness. The injection points for this mass communication are designed to transfer a message across the social spectrum which ensures full coverage on all levels.

These injection points are the numerous social media applications and the broader internet in general, as well as television, radio, and all other methods of communication, including magazines and newspapers, as well as mass market books and educational curriculums.

Most of these injection points for mass communication are one way and are unable to send information back.  Some, like social media and other internet based applications, are bi-directional and provide a method of sending information back to a source data base.

It is important to understand that debit cards, credit cards, and group club cards are a one way mass communication, but in reverse as it sends large amounts of data back to a source data base.

For our purposes here we can consider mass communication to be the bi-lateral transfer of conscious information and data from which strategy and purpose are both implemented and trended.

In his 1995 work titled Artificial Neuroconsciousness, Igor Aleksander defined Synthetic Consciousness as “that which would have to be synthesized were consciousness to be found in an engineered artifact”.

This definition is extremely important to fully understand the direction which humanity is being moved and conditioned. As with the construction and implementation of the multilateral financial system, the level of engineering taking place on the socioeconomic front is mindboggling for the average person to comprehend. So entrapped are we within the construct of make believe culture that the obvious nature, strategy, and purpose of the bi-directional mass communications which surround us are as indecipherable as Egyptian hieroglyphics.

In an article by Domenico Parisi titled Mental Robotics, the researcher from the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technologies states that the development of artificial intelligence is only one aspect, but the creation of artificial or synthetic consciousness presents a far broader challenge.  AI can replicate logic and reason but synthetic consciousness can bring organic “artifacts” that much closer to the act of creation which organic sentient beings practice through the act of subconscious manifestation.

Parisi refers to synthetic consciousness as “mental life” and suggests that in order for “mental life” to be realized, any “engineered artifact” should “have internal representations of sensory input in the absence of the input.”

From this statement we can discern that there is a need to manufacture a data base of consciousness from which “internal representations” can be developed.

It is my proposition that such social media applications as Facebook and Twitter, among many others, are methods of bi-directional mass communication meant to both condition the disorganized masses and propagate purposeful messages, as well as centralize and trend data points for the purpose of creating synthetic consciousness.

Looking specifically at Facebook we see an application from which the masses disseminate their own unique consciousness by way of “Likes” and daily “posts” about everything from how they are feeling, to what they are doing, with whom and where, to what appears to be silly tests which measure our cognitive aptitudes and conscious parameters. We give this information away for free in return for child like answers which entertain us.

All of this data from applications like Facebook are pooled and trended. From there that information is further centralized and consolidated with additional information about us, such as our spending habits, reading and entertainment proclivities, online viewing patterns, health records, educational records, etc…

All of this information is collected and trended on a micro individual level and then further collected and trended on a macro level from which a synthetic consciousness is being engineered.  This SC is intended to represent the broad spectrum of human consciousness which is why its development requires as many injection points as possible.

It is estimated that there are over a billion people on Facebook.

Such technological “pioneers as Facebook founder (?) Mark Zuckerberg and PayPal co-founder (?) Elon Musk are heavily invested in the development and creation of AI and synthetic consciousness.

There is a broad movement in popular culture which is conditioning the masses to accept the reality of Transhumanism, the blending of human organics and robotics. The goal of Transhumanism is transcendence, or the attempts made by man to detach consciousness from the perceived prison of the material world.

The ultimate purpose of man is expressed in the great works of the ages and has been represented throughout human history in the teachings of the mystery schools.  This purpose is a process, or journey, considered to be the stairway to heaven, Jacobs Ladder, the holy grail, the golden fleece, and all other suggested alchemical transformations. It is the process of turning the physical man, being the base metal, into the immortal physical man, represented as gold.

There is a very real spiritual journey here where man is to return to the source from whence he originated, but it requires much sacrifice and discipline to complete the journey. We are covering the aspects of this journey in The Grand Man series.

The human propensity for corrupting all things is paramount in the transcendence movement as it represents a corruption of the process from the real and tangible spiritual journey which each human is to eventually complete. Man is attempting a two pronged approach to achieving this bypass and corruption.

One is through transferring independent consciousness into a constructed system, as told in the movie Transcendence, and the other is to create a synthetic consciousness which can be the full and conclusive extension of real human consciousness. Neither will work as both are a corruption of the process and does into take into account the universal connection between matter and consciousness.

Consciousness creates matter as a representation of itself, but detached from whole matter and each fragment of consciousness will wither and die like leaves and branches on a tree.

One possible purpose for creating AI and SC is to achieve a deeper and longer space exploration program.  Though it is not a theory which is widely known, if at all, it is likely that consciousness is rooted in the originating planet and will progressively fragment the further its host artifact travels away from that planet.

This discussion can continue into a wide range of varying topics, all with equal intrigue and fascination. But what we can take from this information is that there is a much larger process of cultural and socioeconomic engineering taking place than we can possibly imagine.  The construction of a multilateral financial system and the methodology being used to implement it are only one small segment of something which is intending to direct and design humanities future. – JC



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