Synchronicity – It’s a Sign

Ascension / Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

I love this word! Synchronicity. I just love this word! Years ago when I was entering my metaphysical musings, I bought every book I could with the word ‘synchronicity’ in it. I wanted to know all I could about this word and having a passion for writing and words and the energy behind words, I was intrigued beyond explanation. I knew it was a pull my guides obviously had their hands in. Every book I purchased and read, led me to another book and another new idea to look into and research. I was intrigued over and over and started that even with the new awareness of this word, even the word being brought into my vocabulary, I started to notice my own synchronicities that were much too magical to write off.

I believe that synchronicity is our own design and our own way to show ourselves we are the creators of all of this and we are setting ourselves up signposts along the way to catch our eye, to pull in the magical essence of energy and spirit. I also believe that in the higher realms, they operate purely on synchronicity and each moment is that of synchronistic design and leads to another and another and another and then you live in an incredible magical essence of synchronicity that is life. Life in any realm, and any species has probably less doubt, less fear, and less analytical mind-jabble that slows us humans down on the ascension ladder. We dissect and analyze to spiritual boredom and even to a point where we have forgotten that we came from spirit, we are spirit and our lives are in actual fact ‘magical’ in every sense of the word if we were not so astute at thinking out way out of the magical-ness of life.

I believe that the history of man, going back some 100,000 of years (that few believe but will revealed at some point in our so called future) had the knowledge of how energy works to the level that they were able to heal by thought, create movement and technology with crystals and energy of the knowingness of the workings of the Universe. This I know. Others may call me crazy, but of this I don’t care. I know what I sense and what I am pulled to and absorb when I read and feel an utter connection with as if I am reading a book from a time that I once lived and I once knew oh so well. This much I know to be true is that our world, our peoples, is coming to a turning point. A point that a shift will occur and we will start to refer back to the ancient teachings and understandings of the real life of the sacred teachers and what they truly taught, not what we were told to believe.

I am so excited about this coming awakening as we will be reconnecting with what we have always been. Spirit in waiting for the unfolding and unveiling of truth. Truth about who we are, where we came from, the real stories of our history, the real story and potential of where we will return to and bring the Gaia to. There is light in all things and there is always a return to love and goodness. Like in every good movie, there is a foretelling of ‘return to rightness.’ When all is accepted, all is appreciated and valued, and all are healthy, strong and worthy of love and light not just the wealthy few in power. This awakening is on its way and it occurs in each loving word spoken, each loving act acted, and every loving thought thought. For you do not have to create a book, or create a society, or club, you can start with a thought, with a transformation of yourself first. You can start small by acting big and grand. Change happens, change occurs when you first find the time to be in silence, connect with spirit and your soul’s calling. Change occurs when you find the depth of love for yourself that all realms have for us.

Synchronicity is our way, the Universes way to show us our path is laid out. How we walk that path is our free will to create. Nothing is out of our hands. Nothing is unattainable and unsolvable. We are such powerful creators and we are ready to create greatness now. Each thought, each word, each act you do is a chance to create light. For light creates love, love is light and light is love. It is the only solution for our future to sustain us and it is our birthright. We are all one and we are deserving of a loving, healthy planet, we are deserving of non-toxic food and water, and we are worthy of and deserving of the knowledge to heal ourselves, to love ourselves, to reconnect with spirit that we were disconnected from thousands of years ago.

The time for ignorance is at an end. The financial chaos and disillusions is occurring because new ways are in the waiting to be opened up for higher ideals, higher and more ethical solutions where all peoples are benefited and we are all living as ONE. We may all be of unique genetics, colour, and race, religion or planet, but of this I know, we are all ONE HEART! Creation was perfect in its designing us in this way. There must be a single similarity to bind us in oneness and create the thread that will bring us together again.

So my lovely and grand friends, so dear and so powerful, I ask for you to watch the magical synchronicities that float to you and write them down and pay them honour and the time to relish within. As you have created these to allow you to see how powerful you are. To take pleasure in living again and watching the magic that is your life unfold as it should for this is how you designed to be. From the higher realms and from your higher self, it is waiting for you to reconnect and pick up where you knew you would. There is no separation and no feelings of lonely when we are one with our spirit selves, and our souls. When we know of our multidimensionality and our greater more grander selves, the greater aspect of all that we are and only then can we understand who we always have been and who are remembering ourselves to be.

So dear friends, pay attention and give note to all those moments, situations, circumstances, before you write them off. It is your design to take heed its call for it is specifically for you. You are the creator and you have the ability to create CHANGE, for change and evolution is one of the sacred laws of the Universe and it is paramount that we have total control of which direction and what change we create. We have the power to create wonders and miracles. We have the power to create such grandeur and unexplainable healings. This is our path and it is one we must walk and make many years of false judgements and dark decisions right. This is a path we were strong enough to complete and we are ever so up for this challenge. It is the path of few but for the ones that feel there is no other way than way of light and love.

Allow your synchronicity to light your way. Follow your joy, follow your bliss and allow yourself to shine so brightly that you shine a path for others just awakening. The symbols, signs, clues are all around you. They are always hinting and pulling you in to seek more, seek higher ground. Answer the questions within through the magical play of synchronicity. It is the way of the angelic realm and it is their natural language of life. It is time to play! May synchronicity allow you to know you are spirit in a time of great excitement and challenge and you are worthy of being a part of the path to higher ground!

My blessings in love and light always,

xoxo JoannaRossPerez

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Synchronicity – It’s a Sign – from eAscensio – 10-22-13

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