Stanislav Grof and the Healing Potential of Non Ordinary States of Consciousness

Entheogens, Recommended, Videos / Friday, June 20th, 2014

“It was a world where miracles were possible, acceptable, and even plausible. In this state of mind, I started to think about the nature and origin of time and space and the enigmas and paradoxes associated with them, such as the mysteries of eternity and infinity. I had to laugh that I had ever believed that linear time and three-dimensional space were absolute and mandatory dimensions of reality. It appeared to me rather obvious that there were no limits whatsoever in the realm of spirit and that time and space were arbitrary constructs of the psyche.

I suddenly realized that I did not have to be bound by the limitations of time and space and could travel in the space-time continuum quite freely and without any restrictions. “

Excerpt from: “When the Impossible Happens” – Stanislav Grof

Artwork by CygX1


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