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Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, July 25th, 2016

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It is time to stake your claim now. For years we have spoken with you through many channels about a great variety of things, but these have always centered around a specific subject. Never have we wandered too far from it, nor have we stayed long when we did.

We have spoken of the fact that you are all energy beings. You have had no great problem realizing that intellectually.

We have spoken of the fact that you are aware only of a very small portion of your true being. Most of you have had no trouble with that point.

We have spoken of the fact that in view of the two statements made above, you are a facet, a face, an arm if you will, of the Divine All. Most of you were able to intellectually agree with that, as well.

We could continue in this vein, but we think you understand. Now we would point out to you that there is a vast gulf between intellectually understanding, even agreeing with, a statement or teaching and making it the underlying truth of one’s being. And because of that, the greater portion of the gift of those truths lies unclaimed by you.

Now we know that this is of course not your intention. What it is, is a result of having truth hidden from you for many lifetimes. Your smallness and your supposed unworthiness has been drummed into you for a very long time. And when your personal pain wasn’t being used, you were caused to witness that of others. They were powerful lessons indeed. And they continue to be used.

But now it is time. It is time to understand where you are and what you are about. It is time to understand why. And above all, it is time for you to finally lay claim to your true identity. Doing this will have a far greater effect than just the remaking of your own life, which it will do. But it will cause reverberations throughout the energy field of your species, your world, and far beyond the reach of your current imagination.

You are fond of calling yourselves lightworkers, light beings, light warriors, and some name themselves as angels, etc. But few of you understand what you are really saying. That is alright, but it is time now for you to be what you have proposed to be in its fullness. And it is time to move from understanding and desiring into knowing and being. It is time to claim and to own the truth of who you are.

Do this consciously. Do this with great intention. Do this with all of your might. And do it with the understanding that is true for each every one of you, even those with whom you do not agree.

When you begin to move through your life in this knowing, your life will have nothing else to do but become what you see in love. You are, after all, and have always been, the creators of it. But in the past you have allowed others to create a huge amount of it for you. Simply by agreeing to what you are told is one way that happens, you see.

Now we would have you claim the power of what you are and begin to know yourselves as that power. It is time.


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