Spiritual Guidance: Telepathic Seas of Information ~ Wes Annac

Ascension / Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Let yourselves escape into the blissful spiritual retreat your inner perception offers. When you get to know your inner perception, you’ll find yourselves infinitely able to reap its numerous benefits as you lovingly welcome a new way of life.

You’ll be able to connect with us, your higher selves and guides, in unprecedented ways as you open up to the heart space’s endless benefits, and we excitedly anticipate your entrance back into our realms and your remembrance of everything you’ve strived so hard to feel.

You should never let yourselves fall away from inspiration into dull unawareness, because it only leads you down a path of self-destruction.

Your soul longs to be free from the oppressive matrix surrounding it, and even though you’re anchored in a lower-dimensional body, you can transcend the limitation around you and rediscover the burning essence being sheltered by your harsh reality.

You can rediscover your sacred connection with the Formless, and you’ll help all of creation ascend to a higher octave by doing so. We’re reaching ever greater and lighter planes of consciousness as we help the earth and its people find the higher realms, and our desire to see as many others evolve as possible fuels us to do everything we do for your planet.

Devotion to the Task at Hand

We await the time when we can connect very directly with all of you, and until this time comes, we remain devoted in our quest to awaken you in every way we can.

Being able to speak to you directly through the mental filters of our scribes on earth has enabled us to talk about various subjects you would’ve otherwise remained unaware of, and as long as you keep your minds and hearts open to the energies and impressions you’re being given from the higher realms, you’ll find yourselves easily able to connect with us.

In our messages, you’re hearing from us and from our scribe, who’s less conscious of the process but is nevertheless adding his energy signature to these messages by interpreting us. The same can be said for every channel – the filtration and translation system in the mind melds the energy of the scribe with the communications we give.

I, specifically, am the higher self of the soul bringing this information through, and as such, the messages I give are intended to come both from me and from my scribe.

The spotlight is also being given to various other souls and collectives who routinely step in to speak during these communications, with and without the conscious knowledge of our scribe. We’re all here for you, lovingly and collectively offering our advice and guidance.

Whenever you speak with any one entity, you’re speaking with a collective of souls who are actively focused on the earth’s restoration and humanity’s ascension. We’re doing more than we can express to help you become aware, and we’re aided by the conscious earthly souls who work to bring knowledge of the higher spheres back to humanity.

We encourage all of you to understand that even the smallest effort is infinitely valuable from our perspective. If the most efficient writers who are inclined to spirit started writing only two spiritually inspired sentences a day, the energy embedded into those sentences would still cause significant ripple effects in the collective consciousness.

We encourage all of you to find your passion and run with it, and we also encourage you to understand the significance of absolutely everything you do on the earth. There’s nothing you do on a day to day basis that isn’t incredibly important to humanity’s evolution, and even your smallest efforts for the light are celebrated in the higher realms.

We celebrate the work being done to raise consciousness, and we seek to participate in it ourselves. Humanity has been kept unaware of the reality of your existence as spiritual beings destined to restore yourselves to full consciousness, and we come to wipe the distortions from your earthly teachings and help you peer into the light.

The light of Source is non-discriminating and will reach every soul who seeks it. The darkest soul could seek and attain the light, which would naturally illuminate the darkness they hold within and help them work through it in a relatively rapid timeframe (depending on a host of different and important circumstances).

No matter how much darkness one carries within, it’s transmutable and doesn’t have to hold them back from embracing their sacred light.
Willingness and Incentive

Every one of you is a sacred being of light who’s gracefully dropped your vibration to assist the earth and its people, and like us, you’ve worked to improve the distorted teachings that’ve covered up the third eyes of so many and kept the unfortunate unawareness that’s permeated your society going.

The driven efforts of the conscious public to create and be the changes you wish to see are complimenting the greater energy you’re being given, and with your efforts, the restoration of consciousness is inevitable.

You’re playing much bigger and more important roles than you understand, and we encourage you to grasp the immense importance of your presence on the earth so you can begin to act on your potential and create the things you’re destined to create.

You’re destined for a level of greatness that’s far beyond your current perception, but it can’t be delivered to you without any effort on your part.

You must show willingness and incentive to do anything significant, on your planet and in the higher dimensions, and as long as you seek to serve with the wellbeing of others in mind, nothing will stop you from finding what works for you and soaring from there.

Some find that channeling the energy and guidance of higher-dimensional souls inspires them, and some are determined to work away in other formats for the betterment of others. Some are trying on different methods of service and finding what works for them, and others are sitting idly as they wait for their mission to become apparent.

We encourage all of you to seek your developing roles with enthusiasm, because if you don’t, you’ll only continue to hold yourselves back as you question why you just don’t seem to feel inspired. Inspiration has to come from within, and it’ll flow gloriously once a soul finds what they really want to ‘do’ and pursues it.

Recognizing your talent and the things you’re clearly good at will help you excel creatively, whereas keeping yourselves assigned to certain goals will only slow the pace of progress and make your eventual realization of what you’re meant to do take longer.

In time, every soul will find the method of service that works for them and aptly get to work informing and awakening others, and for many, the inspired desire to be creative will arise. They’ll benefit from following their passion, because again, you can only excel if you enjoy the things you’re doing.

There’s so much for us to discuss about your ongoing evolution and your creative drive, and we relish the opportunity to be able to speak with you in this manner and funnel our energy through in ever purer doses.

Other higher-dimensional souls have mentioned that energy is being delivered to your minds and hearts as you read these communications, and this can account for the physical and psychic sensations many of you feel as your eyes follow our flow.

You’re being given energy as you absorb this communication, and our scribes on earth are doing much, much more than bringing through words. We don’t use words like you do on earth, and instead, we communicate telepathically with seas of information that are communicated in a single transmitted thought.
Translating Higher-Dimensional Energy

Our scribes are tasked with breaking this energy down and translating it into physical words, which is done either by vocally expressing the energy or expressing it through the fingers (automatic writing).

The hands and fingers of an efficient scribe will begin to vibrate or feel slightly numb or tingly at times when they aren’t channeling, and this can be a sign that the energy they agreed to bring through before incarnating on the earth is building up in their etheric bodies and ready to be expressed again.

It doesn’t matter what our scribe has us talk about, and we can shine our light on any and every subject in the book. In fact, as time goes on, you’ll see that this is exactly what we’re doing! But to us, the information isn’t nearly as important as the energy it’s encoded into for you to absorb.

Our scribe tends to worry about what words should be used to convey certain expressions, but this matters very little to us.

Our chief concern is whether or not our scribe (and every other scribe) is properly transmitting our energy, and as long as one seeks to connect with us and is clear in mind and heart, we’ll always be here to help them process the energy they’re being given.

Some souls have agreed to be mass transmitters of this energy, and even though some of them don’t yet realize the significance of the role they’ll soon assume in channeling it, it was their choice nevertheless and it’s one we plan to honor by nudging them in the right directions.

You’re all energy transmitters, and you’re all capable of making a greater connection. It’s simply that some souls have chosen beforehand to orient to this ability more than others, and in time, you’ll find that everyone was led to the role that suited them best.

There’s no special skill or ability required to channel our energy, beyond the faith that what one’s doing is actually real. It can be easy to convince yourselves that your minds have crafted some type of fantasy and that the greater connection you’re making couldn’t possibly be real, but with everlasting and unbroken faith, all things are possible.

You empower what you believe in, and you create your lower and higher-dimensional experiences based on the things you do and don’t expect to be real.

Souls who just can’t handle the fourth dimension when they depart into it, for example, will usually choose to incarnate right back on the earth where things make a little bit more sense to them. They’re uncomfortable in a reality they’re not used to, and they seek the comfort of the lower-dimensionality they were surrounded in before.

If you can believe in the reality of channeling and your sacred ability to connect with the higher dimensions, you’ll be able to connect with endless beings and collectives who’ll happily and lovingly offer as much energy and advice as your temples can handle.

Many scribes on earth are doing a diligent service to the delivery of our energy, and we’re eternally grateful to these souls for consciously and unconsciously choosing to orient their lives to service in the form of letting us speak directly to humanity.

Our channeled communications aren’t as direct as our face-to-face contact will be when you’re in a higher dimension, but some of the biggest non-believers in channeled material will be pretty surprised to learn how purely we’re able to come through people who willingly open up to us.

We’re very satisfied with our method of connection with our scribe – one where he’s a part of the communication as well – and every now and then, our scribe will unknowingly toss in a piece of information that we’ll happily attach to the message if it’s helpful or relevant to the discussion at hand.

Even though we’re basically sending you energy, we do have what we’ll describe as ‘talking points’ or reference points for the things we’re going to discuss. There’ll be times when we have certain subjects on our minds that we’d like to talk about, but most of the time, we’re content to illuminate subjects our scribe or our readership present us with.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the usual love and encouragement to continue developing your abilities and your passions. We’ll happily make a clarion call for you to start enjoying yourselves and everything you do, because you’re bringing yourselves closer to us with every joyful step you take up the ladder of consciousness.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.



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