… SPACE that fills everything also connects everything ∞ Nassim Haramein

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

One of the most fundamental errors in our human understanding of the universe is the idea that it is even possible for anything to be completely separate from anything else. Every point (and therefore every thing) in the entire universe is connected to every-other point and thing in the universe by the SPACE that everything in the universe is defined by.

You may think of space as being empty, but science has proven that this perception is an illusion, that space is actually completely full of little tiny tiny vibrations called “vacuum fluctuations” that when all added up equal a nearly infinite amount of energy.

This field of energy that permeates the entire universe has been given a lot of names over the decades: the aether, the plenum, the zero point field, the quantum foam,the source field, the vacuum, God, call it whatever you like, the SPACE that fills everything also connects everything.

There is no such thing as “separation” in the universe…

Nassim Haramein
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