Solara An-Ra: Message from the Councils of Light: March Equinox 2013

Ascension / Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Channeler: Solara An-Ra

Earth people, Light people of Gaia, hear our words.

In the fluctuating energies of this moment, you are required to make decisive actions and intentions. Most importantly – are you able to state, with clarity and truth, that you are in the new age of Light on planet Earth?

This new age is not birthing, it is birthed already – and for those who acknowledge this in their hearts, in their words and in their actions, this is their reality.

There are amongst you those who are unsure; who think and speak words of doubt, perhaps of disillusionment, regarding the stage your planet has reached. You are the in-betweeners, who sit on the fence and keep your options open. But you do not understand the impact you are having on the whole, as you waver in your beliefs.

You understand the concept of ‘consensus reality’ – of the reality which exists as a result of a group of beings choosing certain beliefs about their world. This group ‘dreams’ into being a world which looks and operates a certain way, according to their beliefs. There are multiple realities existing simultaneously on your planet now. The one which is experienced by the majority of people is the one which reflects the beliefs of the masses.

Creating a positive reality, one which is more peaceful, prosperous and filled with Love and Light, does not come from desiring it – it comes from choosing it, with all your heart, mind and soul. Choose your reality, dear ones – decide on it, and then act as if it is manifested already. What you will then experience is seeing Love and Light in the people and circumstances around you – attracting more peace and prosperity into your individual life.

What you choose for yourself you choose for humanity. What you believe and the actions you take based on those beliefs ripple into the consensus reality of your planet.

Do not underestimate your power, dear ones, to manifest your chosen reality on Earth. Leave behind you the ‘saviour complex’ which has caused so many of you to await the day when you will be saves by an external deity or extra-terrestrial group. Leave behind you the ‘victim complex’ which has caused so many of you to be mired in a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. Life is not happening to you, you are creating it as you go.

All around you there are people awakening to this truth and taking control over their lives. All around you there are groups of Light workers coalescing to empower and assist each other on their journey of awakening. In all corners of the globe communities are forming who choose a new way of living in harmony with the planet and each other.

In the Age of Light, Light exposes and dissolves darkness. Lies and manipulation are exposed daily. Deceit has been condoned in the past as a ‘necessary evil’ of your society, but the new young ones will not allow this to continue. They speak up now, defiant of the consequences, and will continue to speak and embody the truth until the mechanisms of control are a distant memory amongst your people.

Our message is to those of you who have doubts about the changes and the transition – those who believe that sitting on the fence is acceptable. We ask you to choose now – choose to believe that the Age of Light has dawned – and follow through with your actions, so that your intentions, your words and your actions are all positively geared towards a world based on Love and peace. Your contribution matters – your beliefs are part of the consensus reality. Harbouring doubts and procrastinating about improving your own life affects all other beings on your planet.

Do not miss your opportunity to make a difference – it is for this very reason that you are here at this time. Right here, right now, seize your moment dear ones. The Time Is Now!


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