Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, March 7th, 2016

Hunab Ku universe


Our duty is to wake people up to the fact that our evolution is stellar/solar — the planet body is a function of solar evolution.
–Valum Votan

Welcome to the Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention, the ninth moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell.

On the third day of the Solar Moon we will witness a solar eclipse on Kin 80, Yellow Lunar Sun (March 9). On this day we will have 240 days remaining in the 812-day cycle of solar consciousness.

This cycle began Kin 29 (August 15, 2014) and concludes Kin 60, (November 4, 2016).

29 x 28 (moons) = 812. In the vigesimal system 812 is written: 2.0.12.

We are in a process of reassembling that which has been fragmented so that all parts of ourselves can be integrated into wholeness. This wholeness realigns us with solar consciousness. Solar consciousness is the ability to know by direct attunement to light. Light is information. Information is energy.

We can engage consciously with this process by working to transmute our emotional body, open our hearts and release negative thought forms so that our energy can flow freely.

Simplify. Focus your mind. Minimize distractions. Study. Reflect. Concentrate on the new incoming vibrations.

The human body serves as an intermediary between the Earth and the Sun. Earth requires synchronized intelligence to place it in a more conscious relationship with the Sun, and the galaxy as a whole. The Sun requires a planetary body to ground information received from the galactic core and/or from more evolved star systems.

At the conclusion of the 812-day cycle on Yellow Galactic Sun, a Key will be turned and what was hidden will come to light at an accelerated rate.

In the pulsar geometry, the ninth tone (and ninth moon) represents the third stage of the 1-5-9-13 fourth-dimensional time pulsar. The ninth tone is the solar command tower and is associated with the nine time dimensions.

The more you get free of your conditionings, the sacred Lights will show you the way.
–Mevlana, The Knowledge Book

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