… silence is the key to self discovery and transformation ~ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Marc Gabbana_YingYang


…”They say that silence is the key to self discovery and transformation, yet many will fear the silence and allow the chatter of the mind to have continuous influence and dominance over us. Looking closer at our thoughts which flow through us reveals the source of this inner influence, and that is the conditioning of our past and upbringing, which creates a wall of judgment before us. Silencing the mind has to do with observing the self and the world without judgment, IT has nothing to do with suppressing of behaviors, for to achieve balance and understanding in life requires total transformation, and that is discovered through a high level of non-clinging. Defending or judging one side or the other only creates a sway which keeps us off balance, as those who are attached to their conditioning, traditions, thoughts, ideals, and beliefs have only stopped the natural flow of their own evolution, for today we are not the same as we were yesterday, nor will we be the same tomorrow. Saying the words and living the words are two entirely different things, when we cling to the labels and words, we overlook their true meaning, for even the idea of the yin and yang is only the splitting of the whole spectrum of being. Thus why silence is the key, for the mind will never transcend us, it only keeps us bound to the illusions created by our IGNORE-ance, as the mind only keeps us lost in loops of the constant chatter of ‘what should be’. But when that inner silence is found, transformation of self does occur, for the magic can be seen unfolding continuously before us, as the conditioned chatter of the mind is replaced with a wiser guiding voice, and that is the divine language of ‘what is’!” ~Alistar Valadez
Art by: Marc Gabbana

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