Reach Inside And Find That Light Within ~ AA Michael

Ascension / Monday, February 18th, 2013

We understand the reluctance of some to resume their acceptance of these types of communication. We also are deeply appreciative of those whose steps have never faltered. To the first, we wish to extend the same loving hand that we extend to the second. As always, we ask only that you weigh in your own hearts the value of the words as received. This is called discernment and is the only measure which you should apply.

Our aim is not to convince or cajole, but to offer the very best help we can to those who have taken on the most difficult of tasks. What you term ascension has never been easy. It has never been something one could expect to accomplish in one lifetime. And nowhere and never has it ever been done while wearing a physical body and continuing to do so afterward.

Even the progress you have made together so far is quite remarkable. If you feel, as an individual, that you are ready at his time to continue this amazing journey, we ask that you let go now of all that you know is anchoring you in your dramas and lower feelings. Reach with all your intention, acceptance, and joy for what you perceive as your highest best possible self. You are supported.

You are deeply immersed now in those energies of divine love which will make your success possible. All of those things which have held you back for thousands of years are being removed from your path. They cannot endure these frequencies. Realize, however, that this will not be done for you. The efforts of self-discovery and clearing must be made. The existence of others who are protecting and urging you forward is not the question any longer. But understand please, that your placing all of your hopes in having someone or something swoop in to magically save you from yourselves is not in the game plan, as you call it. You wrote the plan, dear ones, and that is not it.

Now, if we may venture to give you a bit of good news, the progress being made on all fronts is continuing to accelerate. Individuals are awakening at a more and more rapid pace. Understanding is growing. The rise in the collective self-worth is wonderful. The determination to change your world for the better is growing and hardening. Changes are beginning to be seen in places thought impossible not weeks ago. True, it is only glimmers so far. But the light is advancing.

We will make no promises. We understand how they have seemed hollow to this point for many of you. We will simply say that all who watch are joyous and amazed at what you are doing. There is still some way to go, however, so don’t pause to pat yourselves on the back just yet. But do not become discouraged either. You are here because, of all who wished to undertake this task, you were the best hope. Reach inside and find that light within. Cherish it and use it for all it is worth. It will bring you home.

In love and light, dear friends, good day.

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