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  • Making reference to the 144000 sealed men whose speaks in the Revelation (Apocalypse), this number is that of the election, 12, carried to its paroxysm: 12 x 12 x 1000, where 1000 is a coefficient of the immensity. In others words, this number indicates that all the elects, without exception, are kept under the protection of God.


  • Number of sealed or elected of all the tribes of Israel, marked of the seal of God. (Rv 7,1)


  • The 144000 petals of the main chakra or coronal (located to the summit of the cranium) represent the 144000 rays of light originated from all the seven chakras, or centers of energy of the body, deployed and balanced, or again the 144000 vibrations of the divine Creation which travel in the cosmos and that are source of life.
  • In the Gospel of Barnabe, chapter 17, it is written: “144000 prophets that God sent to the world, have spoken obscurely; but after me will come the splendor of all prophets and saint; he will illuminate the darkness of whole what have told the prophets, because it is the messenger of God”. Some have seen in this passage an allusion to Muhammad, “The Seal of prophets” (Koran XXX, 40).
  • When we add the number of petals of the five inferior psychic centers, we obtain a total of 48 petals. By adding 96 petals of the frontal center (the place of the third eye where the small number must receive its divine mark), we obtain the number 144, symbol of the perfect and expressed spiritual work, that is to say of the marriage between the soul and the personality. If now we multiply 144 by the thousand petals of the coronal center, we obtain 144000, the number of the elects, who will be all these that will have waked up in them the seven stars or spiritual and psychic centers.
  • John Phaure advances two mathematics divisions which, according to him, are very revealing. As numbers he uses the 144000 servants of God “marked to the front”, the number of the Beast, 666 and 216, a fundamental cyclic and cabalistic number (tenth of the one Era: 2160 / 10) that he interprets as one of figures of the Christ:
                             144 000 / 216 = 666 with a rest of 144
                             144 000 / 666 = 216 with a rest of 144
  • These results express according to him that the 144000 “marked” as servants of God before the advent the Antichrist are here the object of the eschatologic combat between the Christ and his Adversary. From this combat leaves “the rest”: 144, those who will be the Elects of the celestial Jerusalem”. He points out moreover than 666 + 144 = 810, numerical value of the Greek word Parakletos, the Paraclete. Thus the Holy Spirit espressed at the end of time “will be the ‘glorificater’ of the Creation”.
  • By using the pyramidal inch, the external volume of the tomb of the Room of the King in the Great Pyramid gives 144000 cubic inches. The pyramidal inch measures 25.303 mm. By using this unit of measure, the pyramid would have a height of 5800 inches and a volume of 160 billion cubic inches, giving all numbers without decimal.
  • The external recovery of the Great Pyramid would be made of 144000 stones.


  • The number 144000 is used 3 times in the Bible.




Excerpt from: Opening of a Seal by Lisa Renee

The City Four Square or New Jerusalem

The Guardians have been showing me over the last weeks (in the middle of the night at 3 am) the imprint of the schematic of the Divine Mind of God upon the third eye in the center of our brain. What this means is that the actual Living Divine Plan of God is projected as a geometric schematic of the “Divine Will” blueprint as through Its “All Seeing Eye”. All intermediary lenses of “mind control” (Eye of Yahweh, Eye of Jehovah, Eye of Horus and other religious control mechanisms requiring salvation or redemption) must be broken away in order to “see” the mind of One God. This “All Seeing Eye” of God is coming to reside as the Living Presence in our re-wired brain.

The All Seeing Eye of God projects its Divine Mind blueprint as an imprinted Geometric Tesseract called the Cosmic Cube Matrix. It is the schematic being projected into the brains (and bodies) of the Blue Ray’s at this time, those with the “mark of the lamb” on their foreheads. (as created by the opening of the seal)

This imprint of a Geometric Tesseract is being referred to as the Cosmic Cube Matrix of God’s 144,000.The Cosmic Cube holds the schematic and blueprint to God’s Laws by building the architecture of the “City Four Square”. This represents the Four planes of matter in the Four quadrants of our Universe. This is also representing the four elemental bases of our raw material making up the planes of matter. (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) These four elementals make up the main chemical constituents of our DNA code and are being re-encrypted by the Aurora’s through the “Crystal River”. The City Four Square contains the blueprint of the Solar Christ identity of the 144,000 archetypes of the sons and daughters of God. This new life foundation (the new grid base matter of the 144,000) is necessary in order to focus the Divine Wholeness of God consciousness in the given dispensation of the Ascension. The City Four Square is where the Crystal River Flows and is represented as the “Golden City” archetype that returns God’s Laws back to this creation. Its projection is to be held as embodied by the divine messengers (with the seal of the lamb on their foreheads) of the Cosmic Cube 144 Matrix.

The Blue Ray Families (See Code of the Blue Nile from March news – encoded with the 144,000 genetic imprint) are the first ones embodying this process on the Earth now. It is a part of the Christ Consciousness returning through the Oraphim Blue Ray and the Elohim Creator Gods to reinstall God’s “divine” plan in this density. I am aware the Guardians are suggesting we infuse ourselves with this image as a connection to see a “symbol architecture” of the divine plan of God, as projected through our 3rd eye.

The Guardians mention that although Metatron’s cube appears as a similar geometric function, that this “Cosmic Cube 144” is not the same thing. They describe both ArchAngelic “Metatron” and “Thoth” as the appointed “Scribes of God’s Mind” (had held these geometries in the lower form worlds) that served its purpose in the dark eon that is now coming to an end. As we enter the Cosmic Christ Intelligence and create a direct relationship to God, no intermediary, including a “scribe” is needed.


Excerpt from: A New Formula for Creation: The Miracle of Immortal Love by Judith K. Moore

The Bible codes carry codes beyond the codes that illuminate this journey and serve as anchors for the formulas of Light in the collective consciousness. Some clues are hidden in biblical parables, such as “The Awakening of 144,000” and “The Seeds That Fall On The Fertile Loam.” The figure 144,000 does not represent a number of people but is a mathematical formula for the activation of the God-Code DNA. Servants of the Divine Creator have a DNA encoded to the 144,000.
The power of this Divine Plan is that once the 144,000 DNA code is activated in a few beings, it will awaken in all six billion, which is every soul on the planet. This activation is destined to occur once a critical number of humans awakens to higher states of consciousness. It will alter the hologram of the collective mind and hence the hologram of the nature of reality.

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