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Cities of Light


Message transcribed by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.

Good evening, we are the Pleiadian Council. We do have some news for you on this transitional reality that you’re in, which is holographic in nature, as are all levels of “reality”. Every dimension, every reality, every hologram, is an extension of Source, and we of the galactic realms are also extensions of Source. We have a lot to share with you. There is a global reset occurring. This will change everything….all aspects of your holographic reality as you know it….as you continue to ascend in your higher dimensional awareness. We can meet you in the middle. We could never lower our vibration to show up in your third dimensional world, which is now collapsing rapidly, as we speak. It was too dangerous to announce our presence in the old third dimensional holographic reality. An easier way is for us to meet in a neutral area, and this hasn’t been possible until now, and “now” is a relative term. As we speak to the channel right now, we are outside of time – linear time as you know it, as we exist outside of linear time. The planet now consists of a multitude of different levels of dimensional consciousness. You are each migrating to various levels of the new higher dimensional realms which have come into existence in your respective “realities” on earth. The collapse of the old world continues, and fades into nothingness, blending with  all that is dematerialzing now as part of an outdated, outmoded holographic reality. So many on earth are now unplugged from that and their consciousness is now being attracted into these higher dimensional holographic realities.

The Cities of Light are coming into formation and awareness. These will be higher dimensional learning centers, meeting centers, and healing centers. The first as you know will be appearing in Sedona. This has been written about by Genii Townsend. {Goldenlight note: in her book “Something’s Coming! Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing!,} and there will be others coming online. There are many intergalactic beings who wish to reunite with those of you who have come from other dimensional realities, and in fact, all of you who are tuning into this communication, have come from other intergalactic realities. Very few of you are native to the earth…..going back in time, all of you were seeded here from intergalactic species. We knew there would come a time when we could reunite with you. That time is fast approaching. It had to be a time when you were raised out of the old 3rd dimensional matrix, when you were freed of the cabalistic slavery system that has existed on your planet for eons of time, although there were brief periods of Golden Eras on your earth, pockets of “time” wherein your societies flourished with peace and prosperity, loving kindness, compassion and harmony between all beings. You are now entering into such a time again. You are now entering into the Thousand Years of Peace. Your duality is falling away, and once again you will embrace the principles of Oneness, equality for all, harmony, peace, prosperity, abundance, cooperation, loving kindness, The Golden Rule (“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You”), Service to All (rather than service to self), unlimited health and wellbeing, ageless, timeless bodies and minds, and expanded higher dimensional learning as part of your culture, with all of the higher abilities of a fully conscious being that are common in the higher dimensions: telepathy, teletransportation, dematerialization, spontaneous manifestation, all these you will be growing into over time, as you learn how to master these abilities and to take great care and responsibility with your growing higher dimensional manifestational abilities.

Focus on our words and all that we tell you, tune into your higher self; invite your higher self into your life. Free yourself of all that comes up now so that you can move on as a higher dimensional soul, as an integrated multidimensional being who has an integrated self. This multidimensional self consists of your higher dimensional self, connected to your soul and your soul group and soul family or oversoul, and your former lower dimensional earthen self… all these aspects of your selves are being integrated now. Focus on this, on our words, on being a part of a fully functioning higher dimensional society that exists for the love and benefit of All, where equality and harmony, peace and prosperity, joy and enlightenment and more all exist. Picture this world in your meditation, dream it into being. This is why you came to earth during this time, to transcend the lower dimensions. Prepare yourself for this beautiful new life and we hope that when the times comes we may all reunite together, into one harmonious intergalactic society. We will assist you in becoming an intergalactic society… that is your destiny! We the Pleiadians do already exist in an intergalactic society. We can travel all over, between dimensions, galaxies, universes. You too will have this ability someday if you choose. Your world is expanding…your consciousness and viewpoint of the world is expanding. The net in which your planet was captured is being released and there exists now a bonding of us with you on an etheric level; a psychic level; an energetic level. Tune into us in your meditations and you will begin to become aware of your particular connection to other star systems and you will begin to tune into your particular missions, your soul contracts. For example, one of the the channel’s missions, among others, is to be a receiver and transmitter of the higher dimensional communications, such as this one. Another of her missions is to bring forth higher dimensional art for the enjoyment of all. She is in the process of developing this talent, and more will come forth…..and…..there are others that she hasn’t discovered yet. So let this be a journey of discovery for you, wherein you discover your true your true origins, your true mission, your soul contracts, and open yourself up to the possibility of living in a higher dimensional, intergalactic society that is full of peace love harmony joy abundance cooperation and love … a society in which there is harmony between all beings on the planet and off the planet… your society will be a free-flowing source and conduit of higher dimensional, joyous energy. You will be tuned into light-filled and loving emanations from Source which will circulate around your society, from one to another, lovingly, joyfully. It is a beautiful society… of peace ….of harmony…the channel is now tuning into this light-filled, creational realm that you are all breathing into being as you are all Creator Beings.

We are the Pleiadian Council and we love you all very much, and we yearn to converse with you all. We look forward with great peace and love to that day that we may be with you openly, converse with you, share with you, assist you in healing and learning….and being a part of your new intergalactic society. Thank you for being a part of this transmission… and know that, as we are outside of time, all that we speak of is already occurring, as we state once again: there is no time in the higher dimensions, so all is occurring simultaneously or in the Now. And this world that we speak of is existing in the Now. We invite you to lay down comfortably, close your eyes, and see this world that we speak of now, and know that you too are a part of it. We love you and welcome you to our higher dimensional realm.

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Message transcribed  by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.

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