Overcoming Confusion

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

cosmic contemplation


by Bob Fickes

When confusion takes over, our mind shuts down and we can’t make the right choices. Confusion is a natural condition of being human. We all get confused sometime and many of us get confused too much! Confusion results from listening to our mind telling us what to do, when our heart really wants something else!

When confusion takes over, our mind is swimming with too many thoughts. The first thing we need to do is let go of all our ideas and priorities and just get centered. You cannot get centered when your mind is still shouting at you do this or do that. You must put aside all of the things you have been thinking about and just find your center. Drop down into your heart and relax. Your heart wants to tell you something. What is it?

The language of the heart is quiet feelings. The heart never shouts. It whispers. You cannot hear these whispers if your mind is too noisy. Put aside everything you believe and just feel what your heart wants.

The biggest problem we must face when we are confused is the fact that our mind disagrees with our heart and says, “You can’t do that or you can’t have that.” If you really want something, don’t listen to what your mind is telling you. The heart always knows what the mind cannot understand. The heart knows our future and can see beyond the information that your mind possesses. Let your heart move you. Feel the inspiration your heart wants to give you. This is a time to challenge your self and try something new, something your mind thinks is impossible or incorrect.

If you can follow your heart’s desire, you will find a way to do it: One step at a time, one feeling at a time. Feel what you feel, and take a step in that direction. Then relax again and feel again. The heart never tells you ten steps ahead. It never tells you the outcome. The heart only knows what you want and will guide you one step at a time to discover it. Discovery is the end of confusion.

Stop fighting with your self and start trusting what you feel. You are about to start a new journey into a world where you have never been before. Go slowly into that blurry future and let your heart teach you one step at a time. Each step you take will feel better. This is your life, not someone else’s life. Only your heart knows what you really want. Listen to it and put an end to your confusion and remove all your self-doubt.

The way of the heart is the way to finding your real truth and the life you have been dreaming of. Only the heart can give you a future that will make you happy. All the logic and information in your mind can only lead to more confusion and more self-doubt. Empower your self by listening to what your heart really wants. Don’t jump. Don’t push. Go slowly towards your goal for happiness and trust that your heart knows more than your mind can understand. The way of the heart is not only the way out of confusion. It is also the way to the Infinite and the ultimate discovery of the Truth.






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