One thing we have to come to terms with on the quest for knowledge, is that life is about going beyond the paradox … ∞ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

“One thing we have to come to terms with on the quest for knowledge, is that life is about going beyond the paradox, in that we can not capture the universe in a conceptual net, for no concept, no label, no category, and no religion can sow the whole thing up in a nice explanation that makes sense to us all. Therefore it is up to every individual to investigate not only the nature of the universe on their own accord, but to investigate our own true nature as well, for only that will ever bring us clarity that leads to true inner wisdom that is accessible to us all!

Many of us use meditation and yoga to reach this inner space of silence, many use tantra or sacred psychedelic plants and chemicals to reach the inner bardo realms of expansion, but we need to apply these inner teachings and lessons within our daily lives, or we will just return to unconsciously living in a continuous state of illusion. For just as a scientist does not stay glued to their microscope and instruments, they take what they have observed and apply it to their everyday reality, as IT is about transcending the collection of data and cultivating true inner wisdom. Without understanding the source of our thoughts and imagination, we remain stuck as the listener while pretending to be the thinker, but when we look closer at ourselves as the thinker of thoughts, all we find is another thought, thought chasing thought chasing thought. So than the question arises, who is the awareness that stands behind these thoughts? Without knowing this, not much clarity will be ever discovered in the inner or outer realm.

They say that the only thing worse than not starting on the spiritual path is not going all the way, for without the daily practice, the daily self reflection, it is far too easy to slip back into the illusion of our limited ego. There are many great spirits that cross our journey to inspire us along the inner path, not unlike a lighthouse on a seashore, shedding light for those who are lost in the dark within their inner oceanic dream. It is all on us to find the path that awakens our dormant spirit, for not every seed will manifest to its fullest potential, it takes a direct relationship with the elements of the universe and nature to crack the shell of our limited ego…and this is where our quest should begin!” ~Alistar Valadez

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