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Ascension / Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

We wished to bring forward our communication as a group consciousness with the ability to share personally with you.

It is at this times that many activations within your being are occurring, some activations are of old and ancient sacred energies resurfacing like a golden serpent within you to provide knowledge and wisdom, while other activations are like a crystal clear well of water bathing your being to promote clarity and clear vision into a new and light filled present and future.

Many activations are occurring within your being often without your comprehension or your awareness but with each day that passes presently you will realise that every day is a day and moment of activation, awakening and ascension of some form. The energies anchoring into the Earth at this time will build with greater intensity and you may find yourself waning with the transitions of light but I ask you to stay centred, to stay strong in the love that you hold and to stay grounded as much as possible.

This will serve you allowing the transformation process that needs to take place within your being to form and be completed with divine perfection. Please do not allow yourself to resist the light transformation that your entire being is truly embarking on at this moment. At times it may feel uncertain to you as to what is occurring and what you need to achieve, you may even feel that the light is diverting you from your self expected path but I ask you at this time to trust in your own energies, activation and in the guides and angelic beings that surround you.

The entire universe is gathering to watch your birth at this moment, your birth from a being of separation and fear into a being of unity, oneness and unconditional love. Every being gathering in the universe is experiencing the same on some level and so their consciousness is united with you in order to support your expansion and greater awareness of the truth. The consciousness of the universe and the Creator is embarking on a tremendous change which will alter the vibrations of all eternally so that there will be no going back to old energies. You are a part of this consciousness, transformation and alteration, your own personal rebirth into new energies is fuelling and adding to the new consciousness that is being created at this time.
Melchior, Galactic Logos.

We ask at this time that you dissolve fear and give yourself permission to be the most beautiful loving being that you are, let love be your guidance and your truth, let love be your source and your creation for this will serve you in your current ascension and light transformation.

We ask that you allow unity to be your focus, call upon the vibration of unity to intertwine throughout your entire being and reality, let unity accelerate through and with the entire universe of the Creator. It is now time for us all to gather together our consciousness and essence in order to exist in and as love. Let love be your creation at this moment and every present moment forth.
Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos.

We are all so excited for you, the Earth and the entire universe of the Creator at this moment, we wish for you to know that everything is perfect and that ascension is occurring with divine intervention. You are simply experiencing a divine ascension shift and activation which you have been waiting to experience for some time. Your body and entire being is reacting to this ascension shift even now.

You may find that your desires, your habits, your preferences will alter as you embody your truth, as you embody the old and ancient energies of the Creator and the Earth as well as the new vibration of light that is now being created in the very core of the heart chakra of the Creator to be transmitted to all as everyone is now ready to receive the new vibrations of the Creator. Please realise that something most magnificent is occurring in that the Creator is ascending, new vibrations of love and compassion, peace and unity are being formed within the soul of the Creator to be absorbed by all aspects of the Creator, including yourself.

It is your ascension and the raise in consciousness on the Earth and the inner planes that has manifested a greater freedom of light within the Creator which will awaken all at this time. Allow yourself to bathe in the light that is shared with you, it is yours to accept and you are divinely worthy of receiving, awakening all aspects of the Creator within you. It is important to realise that as the Creator awakens new vibrations of light within the almighty Creator heart chakra, the same will occur within your being.

You are the Creator after all, thus you will experience the same awakening of freedom and love within your being.
The Angelic Kingdom.

This is one of the reasons why I have been asking you to focus upon unity in all areas of your reality; it is so that you may unite more fully with the Creator and the aspect of the Creator within you. With your alignment you will experience the divine shifts of the Creator, the cosmic level and all levels of the Creator universe all within your being and especially within your heart chakra. We are all experiencing the same together at this very moment and will continue to experience this heart shift of vibration and consciousness beyond 2012.

Please know that you are safe in your ascension and transition at this time as it is focused upon the creation of love and you are now ready to truly experience and embody the love of the Creator.
Archangel Metatron.

With so many shifts and transformations occurring within your being, you will naturally project a light that is vibrant and powerful onto and into the Earth which will allow for many manifestations of light to occur. The sacred energy spaces of the Earth will already hold a higher and more intense vibration of light at this time but your existence and projection of light from within your being through the natural transformation that is occurring will allow for Earth activations to occur with the rising of Mother Earth’s Kundalini / Creative energy, as a process of awakening from the very foundations of the Earth.

If you are connected to the Earth you will feel this creative energy rise from and through Mother Earth flowing into your being and reality thus fine tuning your connection with the Earth. You have contracted to achieve your ascension alongside and to support Mother Earth and so there is a need for you to support each other in this most unique awakening to truth moment. Mother Earth will support and safeguard your energies through this transition of ascension but there is a need for you to remain grounded and anchored into the Earth, this will act as a stability and foundation for you to experience the necessary shifts within your being without moving away from your centre.

You may use my violet diamond to ground your energies each day, imagine the violet diamond surrounding you, the bottom point is below you, as you breathe into the Earth and your feet, the diamond anchors you deeper into the Earth to create the most pure and sacred connection with Mother Earth and of course a divine attunement to the Creator. Alternatively your simple expression of love from your heart to Mother Earth will serve you both in grounding, experiencing the rise of the Creative energy and a greater sense of oneness.
Lady Portia.

You are cherished and loved so deeply at this time; you are being incubated in the love of the Creator which surrounds you in order for your truth to unfold in safety because it is now time for truth to prevail from within your being and on the Earth. Let the energies of the Creator nurture your entire being and all levels. Know that every moment of your ascension from this moment on is important but that it cannot be forced, needing to unfold with patience, observation and complete unconditional love for yourself. Please do not demand to much of yourself at this time only know that something beautiful and loving is occurring at this most sacred time. Simply breathe in the love of the Creator as it surrounds you to nurture and transform your being.
The Celestial White Beings.

We wish for you to understand that this entire ascension process is an initiation of trust in the Creator’s energy. You and the entire universe of the Creator are being asked to place your trust in the Creator more than ever before. It is necessary that we are unaware of what is truly occurring at this time. In truth there is so many shifts and activations occurring that it would be impossible to explain all and for you to comprehend completely with your physical perspective but there is no need for comprehension, for you know the truth of all that is occurring within your heart and soul, which understands everything.

The Creator and your soul are asking the rest of your being especially your mind to simply trust. We realise that it is difficult to trust when things seem uncertain and you are unsure as to what will occur within your being and reality but this is an initiation of strength, courage and the ability to surrender to the energy of the Creator in complete and absolute trust. With your passing through this initiation you will reap a greater trust in yourself and a stronger bond of connection with the Creator which will serve you in the next stages of ascension. Allow yourself to cultivate with tremendous love your trust in yourself and the Creator.
Mother Mary.

Our love and blessings are with you at this time, we are here to support you. We do not have any practices or techniques to share with you because now is simply a time of acceptance and experiencing the sacred energies with the consciousness and understanding of all that you have learnt and understood from the past merging with blissful unity within your being.
Lord Melchizedek.

We love you unconditionally,

Your Beloved Guides

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-03-12-12


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