My Higher Self: Where Exactly is the Ascension Gate?

Ascension / Friday, August 2nd, 2013


Every being is on their own individual ascension path.  All souls will ascend.  That is the reason you are all here.  There are many portals and gates that are now opening up that are allowing energies to flow to dear Gaia and to you.

Numerous portals and gates have already opened up and allowed various energies to be absorbed by dear Gaia and by you.  Each energy has a different radiance and purpose.  All energies and portals and gates have a different and specific purpose for your integration and growth.

The energies are here to allow you to integrate them into your being.  The most important portal or gate for all of you is the ascension portal or gate.  So where is this ascension portal or gate?  The ascension portal or gate is your heart.  Your heart is the portal and gate and you hold the key to this gate.  You are the key.  No other portal or gate is more important for your ascension.  Ascension lies within you.

No amount of energy will lift you up and allow you to ascend if your heart is closed.  Your heart needs to be open to ascend.  If your heart is closed, you are vibrating at a low energy resonance and at a lower consciousness level.  You see, ascension is all about raising your energy vibration and consciousness.

Only beings that vibrate at a high energy resonance can ascend.  You radiate at a high energy resonance by opening up your heart.  When you open up your heart, you open up the portal and gate to your ascension.  You open up You.  When you are open and your heart is open, you can then be ready to ascend and move into the higher dimensions.  You already know what you need to do to open up your heart.

Remember, that you are all part of the Oneness.  Being happy and laughing and smiling is very important.  This helps open up your ascension portal; your heart.  You have the key inside of yourself to ascension.  Do not look to ascension from the outside.  This is not a scavenger hunt for the key to open up your heart.  You are the key.  It lies within you.  It does not exist anywhere else.

You turn the key with kindness, with gratitude, with love.  You turn the key by being happy and treating others the way you want to be treated.  You turn the key by not being angry, by not criticizing others or condemning them with your judgments.  You turn the key by forgiving yourself and others for whatever and whomever is bothering you.

You turn the key with love as love is all there is and that love is you!  Ask yourself these questions:  Have you forgiven everyone that has hurt you?  Have you forgiven yourself for everything you have said or done that may have hurt others?  Have you made peace with anyone that needs to be made peace with?

Do you love yourself and every being on dear Gaia?  If the answers are yes to these questions, this is a great start to unlocking your heart.  You must do the work.  There is no savior.  You are the savior.  You are your own savior.  Let go of the past and allow the love to flow in your heart.  That love will allow you to step into your heart and open the heart.  Your heart is so beautiful, filled with so much love and peace and happiness and joy.  Won’t you find it?

Go inside and see it and feel it’s love for you.  Ascension takes time and it takes work.  You are now working on yourself as things are coming up to the surface to be released.  You must release things that do not resonate with you.  Your higher self will nudge you on what to release.  The more you resist, the more it will nudge you.  Do not fight this.  Allow yourself to be guided by your heart and not by your ego or mind.

Find your happiness, whatever this may be for you.  Can you smile and be happy every day?  This should be your goal.  Do what you need to do to be happy.  This is key.  If you can do this, you will be close to opening up that heart with the key.  And when the heart is opened, love will flow and your ascension will be at hand.

Do not look for outside dates and earthly timeframes and timelines.  Look within to ascend.  Look to your heart to ascend.  That is the key.  You hold this key.  It is true.  Nobody can tell you when you will ascend.  You decide this.  You decide whether and when to raise your consciousness energy level when you have had enough of 3D life.  Are you ready to go to the next level of love?

Do you feel that you have learned all there is to learn in 3D?  If so, let go of the fights, the need to be right, the drama, the criticism, the anger, the sadness, the worry, the “he said she said”, let it all go and surrender to love.  It is all an illusion anyway, you know.  It is designed to teach you and lessons are learned on dear Gaia with this illusion.  Are you ready to move on?

Only you can answer this question.  Nobody can force you to stay, only you can stay by your choice to stay.  So please, do not worry, do not be angry, as all is well.  All is love.  Worry or sadness lowers your energy vibration.  Why do you worry in the first place?  You worry because there is a situation that is in your life that is making you feel uncomfortable due to some unknown uncertainty.  This is a lesson for you.

Throw away the emotions behind the situation and ask yourself what is the lesson with this situation.  What am I to learn from this?  Focus on the lesson and you will have your answer and you will know how to move forward.  And when you master this lesson, you will not have this lesson in your life in the future.  You will master Self!  Self-Mastery is key.

You can do it.  You are all ready to ascend.  You are a master and you are an Ascended Master because you will have mastered Self.

You are all prepared for ascension.  Just go into your heart with love and open up the heart with your love.  A new world is waiting for you that is beautiful.  Find that heart portal/gate in your heart and open the key with your love and step inside to You, to love, as you are Love!

Sending all of you love and many blessings…Love




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